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How Not To Let Technology Dictate You

As a business owner, you may feel excited whenever new technology is introduced in the marketplace. But the influx of new gadgets may keep you lost, confused, or unable to keep up with the latest trends. You may feel overwhelmed by the 21st century that you wish for simpler, less complicated times.

It’s true that technology has made connecting with others a lot easier. You can easily contact a colleague from the other side of the world or talk to your parents. However, it has also facilitated a lot of useless activity. So much time can pass without doing anything real or productive. Keeping your focus becomes harder because of all the technological distractions.

To keep technology from driving you insane, here are some tips you can follow:

Seek Help

Delegate responsibilities if possible. If one of your subordinates types documents faster than you do and she’s not saddled with too much work, you can ask her to type some documents on your behalf or transcribe meeting notes. If you’re having trouble operating a new Pbx system, ask a techie expert to give you practical advice. As a saying goes, no man is an island.


Social media can be a great avenue for marketing your products or services. However, it can drain your time tremendously. If you feel overwhelmed and you don’t have anyone in the company who handles your company’s social media accounts, it’s time to get rid of certain platforms.


If you feel that your work place is too distracting to focus on any single task, find an alternative work area, such as your home, local library, empty conference hall, or neighborhood coffee shop with Wi-Fi access. Without people interrupting you while concentrating on work, you’ll get more done.

Work Out

If you find yourself unable to sleep because of technological anxiety, you can find relief in exercise. It can be as simple as a walk around the block or as expensive as hitting the gym for a minimum of 30 minutes or a maximum of one hour. Whatever you do, don’t bring your phone or your laptop. You may, however, bring your iPod if you want to listen to music or audiobooks while working out.

Foster Cooperation

Ask your employees to call you only on certain times of the day or send emails instead. Turn off email announcements if you feel this helps you focus on the emails you receive every day. Pre-record a voice mail greeting and adjust your phone settings so that the greeting plays when you’re not around to answer the phone.


Set aside some days when you don’t answer emails or work-related calls. Do this especially on your days off. If you’re a freelancer, you may find it hard to let go because you might always be expecting calls or emails from your clients. But you need to set aside time for yourself, friends, or family. Turning off your phone during these times lets them know that they’re more important than your device.

Also, turn off the phone before going to sleep. And remember not to open your phone first thing in the morning. You need time to sort your thoughts and refresh your mind before the day starts.

Go on a Digital Vacation

Set aside a day every month where you don’t access Facebook, Twitter, email, or anything digital. Leave your gadgets behind and enjoy a day without technology. Realize that many things can be put off for tomorrow.

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