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How The “Internet Of Things” Is Changing The Real Estate Industry In India

If you are ever looking at real estate growth in Bangalore in the last two decades, you will be quite surprised to find it out that it has emerged as the poster boy of Indian economic growth, the talking point in the global business domain. Among all the industries which have changed the Indian industry forever is undoubtedly the digital industry. And let us not forget the importance of the Internet, which has single-handedly, triggered a digital revolution in all aspects. The new PM – Modi himself has been time and again voicing for digital India, being self sufficient with up to date infrastructure and catering to  all spheres of life. And undoubtedly real estate plays a pivotal role in this segment.  Few years back, with the subprime crisis in the US, the global real estate industry faced huge tantrums. Interestingly, the Indian economy, which is nascent to some aspect, has been path breaking in leading the path of growth.

There is no denying the fact that the industrial growth in India has been duly complemented by the real estate boom in Bangalore. Call it the changing life style or the need of the day, real estate has been the  poster boy for India. If you look at the available real estate locations in and the price tags for prime locations, you will definitely have an idea regarding the real estate scenario here. The concept of flatmates has also been a new entrant in the real estate domain. The whole idea is to be economical and yet be sufficient. One can definitely understand that owning a flat on one’s own salary and that too at the beginning of your career is not at all a profitable adventure. From that aspect it is always advantageous to have a flatmate, who will be not only helpful but conducive to personal habit.

Bangalore being a pluralistic city where people from all parts of India come, it is indeed a welcome decision to opt for a flatmate service. But the question is how to find flatmates in Bangalore? Is it that easy? Truly, when you have the services of housing, you shouldn’t be worried with such a query.

The Internet of Things and

The advantage of is its compatibility with smart phones. has gone ahead with its app primarily considering young professionals who are comfortable using smart phones. The is compatible on both Android and Apple platforms.  Nowadays all sorts of social media chats have become popular including Facebook chat or WhatsApp. Interestingly. the app has also got a smart chat for consumers for meeting and getting introduced to their future flatmates. If you are looking for flatmates in Bangalore through App, you can just log on to the app and have deep conversations,  and you may finally end up finding the perfect mate for your flat.


The success story of Bangalore is indeed a role model project for upcoming Indian cities. Bangalore has shown how modern infrastructure, world class facilities, premiere institutions and booming real estate can all co-exist and bring in perfect harmony among all. Next time, if you are searching for flatmates in Bangalore, avail of the services of app.

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