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Published on May 21st, 2018 | by Ryan


How To Buy Best Budget Laptops In 2018

We live in a digital world, and the importance of high-quality technical equipment is getting bigger every day. Whether you’re a techie, a content writer, or want to improve your digital skills, you’ll need a fast and reliable laptop. Read on and find out what’s the best laptop you can buy when you’re on a tight budget!

What Makes a Good Everyday Laptop? 

As we already said, getting a new laptop for work can be mind-numbing if you don’t have the right perspective. However, setting your priorities straight before you go laptop shopping can make your job a whole lot easier. For example, developers will probably need a stronger CPU rather than a powerful GPU, while the process is slightly different with graphic designers and similar professions. Overall, when it comes to technology, it’s simple – the more money you’re prepared to sacrifice, the better will your laptop be. That’s why you need to consider two things before you go shopping – value and design.

Getting Value and Sacrificing Design

You often hear this word, but we can never neglect the importance of getting a great-value product. Getting a good-value product is finding the best price-quality ratio and overlooking a few minor flaws your chosen laptop might have. Usually, sacrificing design doesn’t mean you should get a horrendous-looking laptop. In fact, just the colour difference can sometimes hurt your budget. For instance, buying a while laptop instead of a plain black one can cost up to $50 more. Not to mention buying a blue one or the more extravagant pink and green laptops.

3 Best Budget Laptops on the Market

To help you go through this process, we’ve done our share of research and here are three of the best laptops you can buy without breaking your bank!

1.HP 15.6-Inch HD Touchscreen Laptop

The first item on our list will probably be a good fit for most of you reading this text. HP is well-known for the quality of their laptop, but they excel at creating proper universal laptops for everyday users. It has an Intel Pentium N3540 CPU which is a serious upgrade when compared to their Celeron series while the 4 GB of RAM should be quite enough for writers, managers, and even entrepreneurs. Although it’s a top-notch laptop, if you don’t have crazy demands, it’s still among the best-budget solutions. You can expect to pay somewhere between $300 and $500, and you’ll get a machine that won’t let you down!

2.ASUS ZenBook UX330U

Moving ahead, we’ve come to a more expensive machine but quality-wise, it’s safe to conclude that this model can offer better things performance-wise. Just by looking at its configuration, it’s apparent that it will cost you more than the previous model. However, you’ll be getting a model that’s quite similar to a Macbook design-wise and still pay up to $500 less. As far as performance is concerned, this model is one of the best in this price range. We would like to point out to the 7th generation Intel i5-7200U which guarantees you’ll be ‘going places’. The 256GB SSD hard drive will add to the terrific value of this product! All in all, if you’re looking for a perfect all-around solution, this one should do the trick!

3.Acer Spin 5 SP513-51-53FC

People from Acer have outdone themselves with this model. Performance-wise, it’s somewhere in-between the two models we mentioned so far but design-wise, it’s probably the best model we’ve reviewed. Although it has shared graphics, it may be suitable for designers and illustrators. However, if you’re a writer, entrepreneur, manager, or even a web developer, look no further! 2.5 GHz CPU, 8 GBs of DDR4 RAM, and a 13.3″ 360°screen should be quite enough for you to opt for this model. Buying this model will ensure you performance, beautiful design, and longevity!

Bottom Line

To conclude, getting a new laptop can give you a hard time if you haven’t thought through the whole process. Namely, the best value product is often right in front of you, but you spend too much time looking for better solutions. That’s why you should define your priorities and budget, and avoid any second-thoughts. Good luck!

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