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How To Convert AVI Format to DVD on Mac OS

Do you know how to convert AVI to DVD on Mac? Do you ever think to create and make your own DVD without having to hire some services of making DVD? If you want it, this article can serve as a guide to how to make your own DVD easily and without the need to remove the contents of the bag to hire people who can make a DVD. Want to know more? Follow the story below. Before I explain what is this ISkysoft DVD Creator for Mac, I want to ask some questions to you first.

Do you’ve got a huge collection of movies?

Do you used to watch these movies on your computer or laptop?

Do you want to create your own video DVD but confused with the other DVD maker application?

Please answer these questions and  take it easy because with ISkysoft DVD Creator for Mac, you can create DVDs that can be played directly on your DVD player and of course, by doing this you can save disk space your computer or laptop. Now I will explain step by step how to convert AVI to DVD on Mac and you can try it yourself at home. Surely you need to have the application first. Because of that, then as the first step, you have to buy and download the setup file of ISkysoft DVD Creator for Mac. You can you get from the official website. After the Direct download is complete, run the setup file for the installation to complete. Run the application program. After the new window appears, on the General tab the menu, and then input the video title (project) in accordance with the title of the DVD movie you made it. On the target size provided a variety of sizes for DVD and CD. Choose a size common to 4.3 Gb. On the Encoder tab select normal priority.

After that you just put the AVI video into Project. Click the add title on the right side. Another advantage of ISkysoft DVD Creator for Mac, when combined into a single video file with its subtitle it will be automatically loaded into the project so you do not have to bother to include the subtitle later. When there is a separate subtitle file you can manually edit it by choosing menu of select subtitle tracks. After everything is ready click create DVD menu and the process will run but it will take a little longer. I suggest you prepare for some snack to wait for this process. Once it has done then you are ready to play the DVD using a DVD player or computers in your home. Now you can try to implement this way about how to convert AVI to DVD for Mac at home.


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