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How To Dress Your Products In Bright Descriptions

Want your store items to be sold like hot pancakes?  Actually, this is not a problem if your product descriptions are correctly created. However, to write the description that works is not as easy as one may think. And the most common mistake that prevents online retailers form success is writing plain texts without involving any imagination. Yes, the descriptions should be easy for perception, but at the same time they should be bright and catchy, otherwise you risk to see your customers happily shopping somewhere else.

Thus, it’s high time to look through your product descriptions and find out what you can do to enhance their quality. Let’s see in details the way you can turn your tedious descriptions into professionally delivered marketing texts.

Don’t Write for Abstract Shoppers

When writing descriptions always think of your ideal customer and address every word to him/her. Talk to your clients, but not just innumerate products’ characteristics. Imagine that you are a shop assistant in a real store. What phrases would you use if a visitor was standing in front of you? Live dialog with your audience will definitely get you closer to desirable conversion.

Clearly show the way your Product can Solve Particular Problems

Keep in mind that not all your products’ advantages are visible to customers at once. Your task is to colorfully tell them about all benefits they may get if purchase your items. Provide them with vivid examples and thoroughly describe the situations where your products are indispensable.

Be Unique

Always avoid cliché phrases like “outstanding quality” or “ultimate choice”, because everyone uses them. Hackneyed phrases only annoy customers telling nothing about your products. So, instead of using these attention destructors focus on real product details.

Use the Power of Testimonials

As soon as you place positive reviews and customers’ testimonials on your product pages, you’ll immediately notice their magic impact on your store conversions. Customers don’t usually trust merchants, but if they see that other consumers highly appreciate your products or services they are likely to purchase them. This is one of marketing tools that always works. Why not try its power in your e-store?

Take Advantage of your Store Functionality

Now you have a quality product description, but to make it work you need one more thing.  No text will draw customers’ attention without a proper presentation. So, make sure you’ve chosen the right font size and installed attractive theme template.

Fortunately, today you can select any plugin according to your needs. For example, if you use one of popular shopping platforms like Magento, you have the opportunity to easily install any additional module starting form magento free shipping rule and ending with advanced text editor.

Following these simple rules you’ll be able to create product descriptions that really work and make your customers willingly spend money in your online store.

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