SEO How To Perform An SEO Audit- Everything You Need To Know

Published on September 25th, 2015 | by Alice Aires


How To Perform An SEO Audit- Everything You Need To Know

After every few months, you should perform an SEO audit on your page in order to figure out where you are lacking. SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation, which is basically a loose term that encompasses a whole host of marketing techniques. For instance, running a keyword research program is just one of the many ways by which you can optimise your website. However, this is a very rudimentary concept. The world of SEO is constantly changing. Every few months, new techniques and methods are introduced that people can use in order to market their pages effectively.

For instance, previously, search engines such as Google did not pay a lot of attention to pictures and videos. The emphasis was mainly focused on text-based content. But, with the last update that Google released, the focus on videos and images on your page increased dramatically. That is why you need to know how to do an SEO audit. After every few months, you should carefully review your website’s performance in order to determine how you can improve. Here’s a brief guide to auditing your website:

Traffic Review

The first and the most important indicator that you need to look at is the amount of traffic. After every few months (usually regular intervals), assess how much traffic you are pulling in. You should focus on the following questions:

  • Is the traffic increasing, decreasing or stagnant?
  • How much search volume are you getting?
  • How many competing sites are present in your niche at present?
  • What are the most popular organic keywords in your niche, and how frequently are they used?

By answering these questions, you will be able to determine the steps that you need to take to market your page better. There are hundreds of SEO companies that can audit your website for you, or you can also do it on your own. There are numerous online based tools that you can use to see your website’s performance. Some detailed tools also offer charts and graphical representations to help you make sense of all the data.

Technical Factors

Is it time to move your website to a new server? Did you know that there are numerous technical factors that have an impact on the way your website appears to people? For instance, if the server on which your website is hosted has less storage space, the page will load up very slowly and it won’t be long before people start looking for other alternatives.

There are other factors that you need to consider as well. For instance, does your website have a robots.txt file? Moreover, does the robots.txt file block any content that it should not? Is the file showing any sensitive information that hackers can use for their benefit?

Unless you have the know-how, you shouldn’t meddle with the robots.txt file. Instead, hire a professional company to help you figure out what you should do. A good SEO firm will guide you on how to improve your website’s visibility.


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