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How to Print Black and White Efficiently and Cost Effectively

Second only to perfume, printer ink is the most expensive liquid in the world. It makes sense then- for both businesses and individuals- to seek more affordable ways to conserve printer ink and also spend less money on new cartridges.

If you are just now discovering how much printer ink is costing you, or if it’s a monetary obstacle that’s been troubling you for some time, there are several ways to save cash on printing. Many of these tips can be applied to not just black and white documents, but printed images as well.

First, write down exactly how much ink or toner is being purchased and used on a monthly basis. Putting the numbers on paper can really put the cost into perspective. Compare the estimated volume of material you plan to print each month to the amount of ink and paper required. In a few minutes you’ll be able to recognize just how much money is being spent and chances are you won’t be too happy about the expenses.

  • Consider a New Printer

Like most appliances, newer models tend to work more efficiently and may consume less ink or toner. Research various printer models available before committing to a buy. Although inkjet printers are usually a cheaper investment, they tend to cost more money per printed page.

Black and white laser printers tend to be a better choice as they cost, on average, several cents less per page while often managing to print faster than most inkjets. Inkjets shoot their ink onto the paper from a printer head and, after awhile, the head can get clogged and require repair. Laser printers can pump out many more pages a minute than an inkjet while also avoiding many of the inkjet’s mechanical problems.

Also, laser printers use toner cartridges that can print out much more paper before it needs to be replaced or serviced, making it a great choice for those aiming to print primarily in black in white.

  • Selecting Print Quality

If you are printing in black and white only, it’s probably a good idea to adjust the printer setting to ‘draft’ mode instead of ‘high quality’. High quality printing is not necessary for monochrome documents or images and you will save quite a bit on ink by a simple click of the mouse. This can usually be changed by accessing the preferences or settings menu of your printer. Draft mode also tends to print documents at a higher rate. Refer to your user’s manual to learn more about print quality settings or contact a professional for additional assistance.

  • Refillable Cartridges

Many retailers and websites have refillable HP ink and toner cartridges available that are much more cost-effective than purchasing replacements. In the same way batteries can be recharged in lieu of buying new ones, using refillable cartridges is an easy and straightforward way to drastically cut back on your printing costs. This is especially vital if you’ve opted to purchase a laser printer as the cost of replacing a toner cartridge is comparable and sometimes more pricey than ink.

  • Print What’s Essential

If you’re printing information or research material from the Internet, it’s possible to select what portion of the text to print and what to leave out. It’s often the case that a few paragraphs of what you’re looking for is embedded in pages and pages of unneeded text. By highlighting the section of text you want to print and right clicking in the highlighted area, you can choose to “print selection” or “selection only” in the options menu. You don’t have to print out fifty pages of documents when only five of the pages are needed.

  • Maintenance

Clearing out dust from inside the printer on a regular basis can dramatically improve the lifespan and efficiency of the device. Printers should be unplugged when being serviced and it’s a good idea to refer to the owner’s manual for information on how the printer should be cleaned. Usually, pressurized air or a simple dry cloth will work fine to rid the printer of dust, hair and other particulates that can interfere with the device, potentially contributing to overheating or poor performance over time.

By implementing these tips, anyone can greatly reduce the cost of black and white printing, making it much more affordable than ever before. At a business, overhead costs will begin to decrease, allowing you to focus on quality and customer service. At home, you can feel less burdened by price when printing out black and white documents or photographs.

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