SEO Importance Of Title Tag And Headline Writing In SEO

Published on March 31st, 2015 | by Betty E


Importance Of Title Tag And Headline Writing In SEO

In SEO, title and headlines writing plays very important role for attracting the visitors. By title we want to show what we want to say to the customer? How visitors are catch the title? How we can attract the traffic and promote website by using title? How much effect a title will provide, in promoting your website? Especially in social media people are getting attracted by the titles and share them even though they didn’t read what the actual content in it.

Your title shows what is the information in the content.  Using a very catchy title very important because it is the first factor people see before reading your content. If you are providing a good content also if your title is not catchy then visitors will not show interest to read that article. Firstly, you should have detailed knowledge about that website, what’s the purpose of the business? What information we should provide to the visitors so that your visitors become your customers and then to your promoters. After getting detailed information about the website you have to list the different titles which will be beneficial to both the customers and the business.

It’s easy to grab the traffic with the content, but potential traffic is very important because if the business which you are doing will not be useful for the visitors or he/she is not interested or it’s of no use for them to purchase or have that service then even if you grab full traffic to that it will not fetch you the desired result. Always follow some strategies which fetches you the desired traffic to your website. Always go with the best SEO company India because they follow some strategies to focus on potential visitors  not everyone who are visiting the internet for different purpose.

Digital marketing services India focuses mainly on bringing the position of keyword at first page in the search engine result. It’s good to do that it will get traffic to your website, but what’s the use if you are keyword is on the first page in search engine result, but the visitors is not interested or they don’t  need that product or service at that instance of time. Always try to focus on title and keyword and they both should be relevant to each other. If you are content is about something and your keyword is different then it’s of no use for you. People will read your content, but they will not take the service which you are providing them just read for the information not for purchasing.

Consider, if people searches about any shop, for the purchase of a particular product and the result shows irrelevant searches then the real one. They will go to the other website which provide the same service. In this way your competitors will gain the traffic instead of you. So be focused on your title whatever you write should be relevant to your keyword, service and website where you are publishing your article.

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