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Important Technologies That Businesses Should Invest In This 2013

Time management, budgeting, and communication are just some of the areas that a lot of business owners in today’s time and age are having difficulties with. These aspects of a business can be very frustrating, seeing that not all businesses have their own departments or teams to handle them separately. This is especially true for brands that are small or those that have just recently been started. If you are an owner of such a business, then you know that it is not practical to hire employees right away to handle and take over these tasks for your business.

Fortunately, time management, budgeting, and communications do not have to be the source of all your business-related problems and frustrations. Much thanks to various technologies, you can ensure that your organization stays productive. You can run your business much more efficiently, which will then result to business growth, not only in size, but also in profits. So here are some of the most important technologies that you should already invest in this year.

Online Conferencing

Online conferencing is a must if you do or you bring a lot of your work at home. The technology behind online conferencing allows you to stay in touch with your employees so that you are always updated about the work they have completed. This also provides you with the opportunity to hold meetings even if you are not with them in a physical manner. Best of all, you can take advantage of this technology by using it as a means to interact with consumers, may they be leads or existing and paying customers.

Google is one of your best sources for online conferencing tools. This major search engine, as you may well be aware of, continues to strive hard to make the life of business owners easier. Some of the best Google conferencing programs include the Google Hangouts, which allows you to host a meeting via the Internet; Google Drive, which provides you with a means to perform document collaborations in real-time; and Google Chat, which enables you to send messages in real time as well.


Crowdsourcing is a valuable technology that you should not miss out on. It helps not only businesses but also individuals to solve problems by informing and broadcasting these concerns to other people, who will then offer solutions to resolve the issue at hand. Some of the best and well-known websites involved in Crowdsourcing include Kickstarter, Quora, and ODesk. These websites have gained solid reputation for helping people find answers, potential employees, and money that can be used to expand a business.

Online Education

As a business owner, you have to understand that experience is your greatest teacher. You have to continuously learn new things that will help you manage and run your business better. Integrating this knowledge into your business will then result in improvements in areas that are not performing well and further enhance aspects that are already doing great. Websites like TED and Coursera are two of the best examples of sources where you can get useful and valuable online education from.

Digital Communications

Digital communications technology, such as the RingCentral VoIP phone system, offers you with a way to communicate and interact with the people who are most important to your business in a more personal way. This is particularly true for consumers. While communicating via the World Wide Web, such as through forums or social media, is definitely convenient, this often makes interactions take on a machine-like feel. What you want is let your clients know of the existence of a real person who has emotions on the other end of a conversation, as this will instill trust in them, making them more loyal to your brand.

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