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Ingredients Of a Successful Blog

Original Content is always the best though it is often disputed. Though one may use excerpts from other blogs ones content should look like it is from the author herself and not content that has been copied and pasted directly.

When one visits a blog one is attracted by the following elements such as the position, the style of text such as the choice of font and its weight, the color, the images display, the size and what is most attractive is the motion. Once a visitor has determined where they will start reading by first scanning the page, they look at the objects in groups, and the objects proximity to decide what is the most important for them to start with.

With this knowledge one can make crucial decisions in choosing the layout, the style of the page, so as to increase the odds that generate the purpose intended. For example if one clicks on an ad, it should generate the correct information.

Make a mood plank which is a collection of images, type and colors that one is aiming to have especially if one is targeting a large bunch of work on e has to collect many imageries that look like the project one wants to work on. Fashion magazines, books and other web pages are searched so as to come up with as much imagery as possible. Fashion magazines especially are a gold mine if one wants to look at colors, layouts and textures. Some pages of magazines and interesting web pages are printed put so as to come up with a board that will reflect and summarize the mood one is looking to create in their site. For jobs that are small, one goes through the same process though instead of creating a mood board, a virtual board is instead created. A virtual board is a document that is in a Photoshop where one can paste all the stuff that one wants. They give one a starting point for one to create a color palette, how to explore the texture and its form. It is generally an inspiration. One should not tire to do such things they actually are of great help.

Having completed the above, creating a visual design is a job that can be easily managed. The aim of this is to create a balance on the site, style and energy. Many new bloggers do not leave a space that is enough around the elements.

In general if one wants one wants a blog that is serious, in that one in future one wants to be used on a level that is professional either as a cooperate blog or for business where one can earn money from advertisements made from your blog, one should choose a standalone blog. If one is not good at designing blogs a little investment is worth. One could get a designer or take more time to learn on how to design on your own.

If one wants a blog to have fun and to keep ones record of their life and preserve it for friends and their family and have no much time, the resources, or even the patience to set up a standalone blog then one may just go for the hosted option. It is instant, and takes only about five to ten minutes to set it up. The features may not be as many as those of a standalone option it is for this reason that many go for the option of a standalone and also because too many people, tweaking on their blog is part of their interests.

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