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Instagram Is The Most Gloomy Social Network: Do You Still Follow It?

In the latest posts among social media bloggers, they tagged Instagram as the gloomiest social networks in the cyber space today. What have been the completely outrageous and sensationalized “selfie” behaviors among the Facebook users Instagram users are allegedly manifesting more egoistic and self centered behavior than the Facebook selfie members, according to some social media news. There are different gloomy aspects that are seen in Instagram that make people wonder whether it remains to be a good social media platform to use.

Instagram – A Driving Force Towards Self Esteem gone Overboard

Users of Instagram are getting more engaged in posting images or photographs to brag about themselves. Most of the time some users are already self loathing and broadcasting themselves to the point of selling themselves to other users in order to buy more Instagram followers to attain popularity. Because photographs are the best driving force towards self-esteem, people are getting more inclined to sell and broadcast themselves on Instagram in order to promote their image. Sadly though it can be noted that some will resort in viewing other Instagram photographs and try to compete with them and post similar or even better photos that lead to jealousy and competitiveness among Instagram users. The self esteem fever of using Instagram can certainly drive its users overboard that are no longer a healthy social media behavior but more like stalking, sad to say.

Instagram Photos Trickery

Because the platform is more on posting photographs and images, people like to view other photos and try to compare theirs and aim to post better images than others. But as what a prolific writer from Slate, Jessica Winter has noted is, behind the beautiful pictures and images, say a vacation photo for instance are unknown events going on like the people on the photos seem to show having a good time when in fact they are in each other’s throats. Some people get both implicit and explicit cues regarding the lifestyle and personal relationships of others that revolves around the photos posted on Instagram. But with the negative impact of the photos that promote jealousy and low self esteem among the members after comparing their lives to others, it seems that not all photos that you see really tell the actual scene and lifestyle of people. It is quite tricky to feel a low self esteem and jealousy over the photographs you see on Instagram when it is possible that you still have a better life than those people you feel jealous of.

Instagram Is The Most Gloomy Social Network: Do You Still Follow It?

Why Instagram Followers Continue to Grow in Numbers

Despite this rational observation about Instagram being a gloomy social media network many are still following it. Apart from being a channel for egoistic and stalker social media users, Instagram has a social marketing value that is undeniable beneficial for online marketers. That is why many cheap Instagram followers are being offered by companies in order to grow the popularity of the Instagram posts of most businesses which is a great opportunity to entice Instagram users to follow and like a business brand as a better means of broadcasting your business relevance and value.

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