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Internet and Mobile Services In Italy

There are many different types of internet in Italy. Fibre optic connections are typically the fastest and most reliable; however, it is not available in all areas. Cable is also fast but speeds reduce when a lot of other users use the same line, and only one line can be installed in one area. ADSL is the most common as it uses landline telephone lines to transmit data. ADSL is usually considered the least reliable form of broadband; however, ADSL is improving all the time and becoming more and more reliable. ADSL broadband internet is typically the cheapest to install as it does not require a dedicated line. Vodafone are currently the largest provider of ADSL broadband and mobile phone services in Italy.

The numerous mobile phone and ADSL broadband offers from Vodafone Italy are clear-cut, cost-effective and, above all, innovative. One example is the 4G connection, which is based on the new LTE (Long Term Evolution,) it performs well beyond those guaranteed by the 3G/HSPA currently in use and since 30 October 2012, Vodafone Italy has been the first Italian operator to offer network 4G-LTE in Rome and Milan offering fast connections without low waiting times and a data transfer rates. Vodafone Italy plans to provide a broader coverage of the Italian territory by March 2013. They want to get 4G in 20 cities by December 2013. Vodafone Italy also wants to implement broadband and wireless technology in at least 1,000 municipalities with the project “1000 Municipalities”. Vodafone ADSL broadband is intended to be fast and reliable, with the technology being improved all the time.

Internet and Mobile Services In Italy

Vodafone’s commitment to customer care and satisfaction is evident with the structure of the company’s website, which is feature-rich with intuitive navigation and ease of use. There are many offers at the website, and it is easy for customers to discover the different offers that are currently available and make comparisons. Vodafone Italy offers a package of unlimited ADSL, mobile internet with 1GB per month, free calls to landline telephones, free voicemail, and free call waiting. The package is competitively priced with no hidden costs. Vodafone offer a telephone only package that includes free calls to mobile and landline phones. The company also offers an mobile internet dongle with 7GB of traffic per month. Vodafone also offer a special deal of mobile internet that includes a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. This includes 3 GB of traffic and 14.4 Mbps speed, all for a low monthly cost. Vodafone are set to be the largest ADSL broadband and telephone communications company in Italy. They provide all the communications services that everyone requires in their lives and is at the cutting edge of advancing technology.


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