Technology Internet TV – All You Wanted To Know About It

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Internet TV – All You Wanted To Know About It

The phenomenon of internet television (TV) is also known as online television. It can also be described as the distribution of content that is created for the small screen through digital media. Examples of such content would include TV shows. Normally in these cases the content is distributed by way of public internet that carries other data types and varieties as well. In this case specialized terrestrial television is not used like the way the various television channels do. Other traditional media such as aerial system over-the-air, satellite television system, and cable television are not parts of such medium. It is also known as web television. The phrase web television can also be used in order to describe TV shows that are only shown online.

The main elements in this case

Internet TV can also be described as a sort of over the top (OTT) content. OTT content can be described as delivering different kinds of media such as audio and video without involving in it a multiple channel operator as far as having control of distribution of content is concerned. An example of such an operator would be a cable TV provider. There are several elements of such a service provider. The most important cog in this wheel is a service provider, which operates on an independent basis, such as anyone of the following:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Video
  • Hotstar
  • Google Play Movies
  • myTV – it specializes only in Arabic
  • Sony LIV
  • Viewster
  • Qello – it deals only in concerts

The second most important cog in this wheel is a service that is owned by a provider of stream TV services or traditional cable company. Examples of such services would be DittoTV, DirecTV that is owned by AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph Company), and Sling TV that is headed by Dish Network. You also need an international movie brand over here like Eros Now or Eros International.

You also need a service that is under the ownership of a traditional television or film network, content conglomerate and television channel. The most prominent examples, in this case, may be enumerated as below:

  • BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Three
  • CBSN (Columbia Broadcasting System)
  • CNNGo (Cable News Network)
  • HBO (Home Box Office) Now
  • Now TV (UK) (a Sky TV channel)
  • PlayStation Vue (a Sony channel)

Hulu (it is a joint project between Turner Broadcasting System {TBS}, NBC {National Broadcasting Company) Universal, Disney-ABC {American Broadcasting Company} Television Group, Fox Entertainment Group, and 21st Century Fox)

You also need one peer to peer video streaming service like YouTube, Vimeo, and Crunchypoll. You also require combination services such as TV UOL and Crackle. TV UOL is an internet only Television station based out of Brazil that also uses content uploaded by its users. Crackle uses content that is presently under the ownership of Sony Pictures along with content that their users upload. Audio specific services such as Spotify also can be considered integral elements of such services. This is because at times they can also be accessed via devices that can play video. With the gradually increasing usage of internet and mobile devices, it can be said that one day these would be the most popular media if not the only one.

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