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Iron Man’s Fictional Computer Is Here

Ever since I watched the movie Iron Man, I have always wanted. He walks in his lab calls his hard drive and instructs something like, “create new folder, save these files on my private drive”. If he needs to delete some files he would just pick the digital document from a projected screen (which also pops out by his command) and trash it into a digital trash bin.

If my computer is like that, I wouldn’t have to sit in a desk for long periods of time and risk the health of my eyes, my back and my wrists. I could create a document without pounding on the keyboard because a computer will type what I dictate. I could exercise my limbs with motions other than clicking the mouse or swiping my fingers on a screen.

So what a surprise it is that Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft has the same thing in mind. In an answer to a query at Reddit about a product that would stir the average consumer like what the computer did years ago, he said that it would be robots, along with pervasive screens and speech interaction. Reddit is a social news and entertainment website where Bill Gates answered questions from its users early February this year.

Bill Gates, a name at par with Steve Jobs, also mentioned in Reddit that he is using Microsoft’s Surface Pro. The Surface Pro advertisement says that it is a laptop in tablet form bringing together the best of Microsoft. It can run the programs you’ve been using with Windows 7 but it is in Windows 8. It assures your data’s safety with BitLocker and with ClearType full HD display with 1080p resolution. Accordingly, prices start at $899. Well, I’m looking forward to having the Surface Pro and looking forward to the day I walk in my office and say ‘open tasks not finished yesterday’ or ‘who do I need to call?’

I wonder how business communication will also change with this development and will be developments in technology. Imagine customers, say online buyers, trying on a virtual coat to see if it fits and then the computer will automatically send the measurements to the online seller. Or maybe a conference meeting where the participants see 3D images of each other. But isn’t that already a trend in Star Wars?

The wait may not be for long. Service providers for the communication needs of small businesses like RingCentral may only need to improve on ‘imagery’ since VoIP and the Cloud gave way to video calls and conferences. This has revolutionized the way business people talk with each other and with their clients. Video calls will only need to level up to 3D calls and I think they’re already as high-tech as Star Wars or the next Sci-Fi movie. I heard that some iPhone models already have speech interaction technology like the user will say, ‘call my secretary’ and then the phone automatically dials. But decades ago, sound activated lights and curtains are already there so why not bring this technology to our desktop computers?

Anyway, so much for daydreaming, let’s just wait what they think of next. I’m pretty sure a good and friendly competition among brands in this area will help spice up the next ‘Personal Computer (PC)’.

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