SEO Is Website A Speed Issue With Ranking Your Website

Published on February 12th, 2017 | by Alice Aires


Is Website A Speed Issue With Ranking Your Website

We live in a world where faster is better. People want to get food that comes out to their table quicker, so fast food places are trying to find ways to speed up the process. People want faster internet to get their information quicker or to get an advantage while gaming. Your online presence is crucial to your business, which is why this obsession with speed should be important to you. Your website needs to be as fast as possible because this will negatively impact your website on a few different levels. If you need help with this, a local SEO expert is a valuable resource to have on your side.

How can you tell if your website is too slow? There are tools like the Google Speed Test that can help you to determine the speed of your website. Does this even matter? Your website speed is incredibly important to your business. First thing that you should think about is that people have a very short attention span, especially in this world of instant gratification. If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, people will move onto the next website. They do not have the patience for your site to load.

This also does have a big impact in how your website ranks on search engines. You know that having your website listed higher up on the page is going to increase the likelihood of people discovering your website, which is why you spend so much of your marketing budget on it. Google has been very open about how speed does affect your website’s ranking. Upon further research, it has been discovered that they measure time through to the first byte as a way to determine the speed of your website. What this means is that they measure how long it takes for your customer’s browser to get the first byte of data from your business website. This impacts the crawl speed allocated by the search engine, which negatively impacts how your website is indexed. This also affects your index negatively. Google also uses this to consider how your web speed will impact the experience of people who are visiting your website. The search engine wants to ensure that users have a positive experience, as seen by just how much they have cracked down on cramming keywords to create a spammy website.

It is crucial that your website has a highly responsive design that makes it faster. People want to get their information quickly and will only way a second or two before they move onto another website. If you want to ensure that a customer stays on your website, you need to work with a web designer to optimize your website. It is possible to get a gorgeous looking website that engages customers and get a website that loads quicker. One way thing that you should look at is the servers that are hosting your website. This can be an easy fix that will give you immediate results.


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