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Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Helping or Hurting Your Ecommerce Business?

How do you know if your email marketing campaign is getting optimal results? There are a few basic tests you can conduct to find out if you’re getting the most from your email efforts.

Test Your Subject Line

The job of the subject line in your emails is to get the recipient to open the message, right? Any good subject line should be able to do that; only a great subject line also initiates the conversion process. When weighing success rates of subject lines, don’t just consider the open rates. Take a look at successful conversion rates as well.

A subject line such as “Super Sale – Super Savings” might achieve a solid open rate but “Order now for Savings and Free Shipping” might work even better. Why? Because it includes a call to action and an incentive yet helps trim out those who aren’t ready to place an order. A call to action is a key factor in making conversions.

Test Your From Line

In today’s world of mobile devices the ‘from’ line is often the first thing a recipient sees when they check their email. Is it more likely to be opened if it has a company name or a personal name? What about a combination of the two i.e. [email protected] Keep the from name short and don’t include a .com in the name. Conduct some trials and see which name provokes the most opens and conversions.

Testing Your Offer

Are you confident you know which offers are most enticing to your customers? Do you know if they prefer a percentage off or a set dollar amount of savings? Would they rather get free shipping or a free gift? Is it more effective to make different offers to various segments of your target market? Put the options to the challenge and discover which methods are most rewarding.

The Landing Page Test

Landing pages are where conversions take place if that page captures visitors’ attention. Should you choose your home page as your landing page or does it work better to direct viewers to a specific product page? Try it both ways using identical emails except for the landing page, then check out the metrics. Compare data such as time spent on site, pages viewed, and, most importantly, conversion rates.

Assess Deliverability

Making emails deliverable is crucial to any ecommerce campaign. Sometimes minor issues send emails straight into spam boxes rather than inboxes. Keep track of which of your emails most often reach their recipients. You may need to make a few tweaks to up the delivery rate.

Email marketing is the heart of many ecommerce businesses. Knowing which strategies work best for your company puts you a step ahead of your competition. Visit here to learn more about overall ecommerce sites, shopping carts, and ways to make your site thrive.

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