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Keeping Young Kids Away From Adult Content That is Available on the Internet

Many parents will agree that it is almost impossible for them to stand by all the time and manage the use of the internet by their children at all times. It is thereof important that there is an automatic type of monitoring program that works even when the parent is not there and the young one needs to use the computer.

Some sites, like YouTube, have safety modes that help to block all videos that are considered not to be appropriate for watching by children. The feature of OpenDNS is also available and can be configured with the computer or router to block a set of websites with content that depicts adult stuff or violence.’

Again, there are some sites like CyberNanny and NetNanny which can be used to keep an eye on a child’s use of the computer, automatically placing restrictions on sites that they are not allowed to see. Any site can be blocked using these two programs among others.

How to Block Sites
• Check the history of internet use: Checking the folder that keeps note of all the internet sites that have been visited by children will help a parent find out whether a child has been visiting sites that are inappropriate. If any such sites are found, then they should be noted for blocking.

• After noting the sites to block, the next step is adjusting the settings for privacy. The best way to do this is by copying and pasting the sites to be blocked from the history section into the space for the sites to be blocked. Sites can be blocked one at a time.

• Purchasing software for blocking sites will also help as it will give extra security and block other sites that have the potential to cause harm to children.

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