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Latest Upgrades In iOS 7

What is an iOS 7?

IOS 7 is a type of a smart phone that is the successor of the IOS 6 made and manufactured by Apple Company. It is the seventh version of the IOS series of smart phones made by Apple Company and operates using the operating system programmed for the IOS mobile phones. The phone has just been recently launched into the market and from the looks, a series of upgrades have been made on it and some of them include:

It has a customizable and an improved Applications Store.

  • The customized and improved Application Store software allows for a quicker and faster access to the Applications Store of the mobile phone unlike its predecessors.
  • The new and improved smart phone mobile software allows for the automatic running of the updates of the individual software in the smart phone reducing to a greater extend manual operations to the phone unlike its predecessors.
  •  The Application Store has now been customized; tailored to suit a person’s needs since now it comes with the option of selecting a person’s age thereby limiting exposure of unnecessary programs to the mobile user.
  •  It has an improved Application Store user interface that allows for the mobile user to customize so many things in the mobile phone to suit his individual needs.

Latest Upgrades In iOS 7

The IOS 7 is Sleeker in Design

  • The new IOS 7 has an improved translucency as well as some added new icons that makes it to look more sleek than its predecessors like the IOS 6.
  •  The new phone has an interface that is now multi-planed; capable of zooming up to 2.5D with the user.
  • The graphics have been more polished and visually improved; much more than its predecessors.
  • Most of the mobile applications right now are in digital form like the clock and the calendar.

Multi Tasking

The multitasking functionality of the phone has been greatly improved

  •  The IOS 7 now has the ability of performing several operations at the same time unlike its predecessors.
  • The switching of programs is now capable. Right now, a person can use two fingers simultaneously to perform different operations on the same phone unlike before.
  •  It has now the capability of using the updates at the same time as it is downloading them from the internet.

Common Settings

The common settings of the phone are much easier to access right now.

  •  Swiping from the bottom of the phone, the new and improved control center pops up.
  •  All of the general control settings of the phone are found within this control center like the adjusting the illumination of the phone.

The IOS 7 voice prompts are now more audible and much clearer.

– The woman’s voice control prompts of the IOS 7 now sounds less robotic unlike the previous versions.

– The voice prompt is now incorporated in most of the mobile software so that a person never gets lost while operating this phone.

The IOS 7 is now much easier to manually upgrade its software.

– The phone has now been programmed with 02 pay bill number that has the command prompts that help to guide a person how to individually upgrade each software program of the phone.

– It also directs a person to where the downloaded material has been stored at; unlike some previous versions where a person was supposed to manually search for the downloaded items.

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