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Letterhead: What Is The Price For Stationery Designs?

The stationery or letterhead paper to represent your company in your mailings. They often feature the colors and forms of the company and its logo design when it has one. The papers letterhead, as printed advertising in general are a good way to promote the visual identity of the company in order to gain notoriety. Through letters sent with the letterhead paper, your customers, suppliers and partners more easily memorize your unique logo design and brand identity. So it is a kind of investment that can be profitable, but be careful to choose a good quality / quantity / price front.

Between 6 and 12 Cents in doing it yourself

Creating Stationery often returns between six and twelve cents each. But everything depends on the design and printing. In fact if you make your own design and print you do with a light weight (60 grams), you’ll get ten cents each … but your paper communication will be poor. In terms of printing you can print them yourself in “lean” that is, when you need it, which will cost you more but save you from spending money a kick. Or have them published by a printer.

Between 8 and 15 Cents on a Design / Printing Platform

On the Internet you can find attractive prices if you order in small quantities (less than 500 copies). On a platform like Print ‘O’clock example you can find letterhead paper models you can have them printed with a good weight. And even if the ink still remains to be desired in terms of quality, the quality / price ratio will be interesting commander in small quantities. The disadvantage is that the design will not actually fits your visual identity and your business.

Between 30 and 50 Cents in a Marketing Agency

To have made exclusive to your company and totally created or based on your own brand identity, you can use a marketing agency. The latter will offer several models in general you can change or accept as desired. Before that you have completed a set of specifications that will give the best indications to the creative agency that he may make a similar model of your expectations. This price range relates to provincial agencies, and small agencies that have a sense of ethics.

Between 20 and 30 Cents from a Graphic Designer

Graphic designer you will also create a completely tailored to your business design. At the design process will be like marketing agencies, and as we do, by offering several successive models. Do not hesitate to ask this accuracy when requesting an estimate, so having ls best information. A graphic designer will generally take more time to design your model which can have advantages and disadvantage that you know.


Why we are cheaper than our competitor agencies about this product? For a simple reason: we believe that the various advertising materials can be ordered at the same time, whether business cards, flyers or leaflets. And suddenly we offer attractive prices in all business letterheads stationery design to allow companies who wish to offer a “package prints” very affordable. So we set deliberately accessible prices. And it is our will to offer products, services and advice at fair prices.

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