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Lumia 610 vs Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia family of phones has four variants, Nokia Lumia 610, Lumia710, Lumia800 and Lumia900; of these Lumia 610 and Lumia 720 are priced significantly lower compared to 800 and 900. The Lumia 610 and Lumia710 are feature packed smart phones, with Windows Mango 7.5 operating system for phones. The phones are designed to be sleek and sophisticated and come in multiple metallic colours. They are identical in the way they look, their size and shape and the weight. Both phones have LCD screens that give clear and sharp pictures. The display in tiles of bold colours are very attractive let you have instant updates in a way you won’t miss them. The tile display also makes navigation between different applications a lot faster.

Now for the differences

In the Lumia 710, you can select a new colour for your phone as often as you like. Compared to Lumia 610, it even has more colour options. The 710 employs the clear black display which is a light filtering technique that makes the phone easier to use in the dark. This is patented technology and contributes significantly to the price differential between these two phones.

The difference between the previous Nokia phones and the Lumia series is the feel of ease and smoothness that the new phones give. Credit for this goes to the Windows phone OS. This is also the reason for their shorter battery life. Out of the two phones, Lumia 710 has a significantly shorter battery life compared to 610, be it 3G stand by time, 3G talk time or video or music playback time.

Technical Differences

As far as the technical differences between the two phones go, there are a few, but significant, especially in terms of the cost. Lumia 710 runs on a faster processor that is 1400 MHz, while the processor speed of the Lumia 610 micro-processor is 800 MHz. It also has the advantage of having 512 MB SDRAM memory, while Lumia has 256 MB SDRAM. Given these differences, and especially in processor speeds, we should see significant difference in performance. However, even without the higher configuration Lumia 610 gives an almost identical performance. This is because Microsoft, the developers of Windows phone OS collaborated with the Nokia on the project to make the Windows Phone OS perform with optimum efficiency. The collaboration has continued into the design and making of more expensive Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 in the Lumia family.

In the Nokia 710 there are features such as office applications and skydrive storage that you can use for increasing the business productivity. Also, it has more audio features, and is officially the music phone of the Lumia family. Lumia 710 has some extra apps, the most significant being the Nokia maps.

So all in all

All important aspects of both phones like the operating system, look and feel, and hardware features have few differences. If you are looking for a value for money smart phone for personal use, look no further than the Nokia 610. However, if you travel a lot on business and need the advantages of the additional apps and business productivity enhancing features, then the Lumia 710 is the better phone for you. All in all, both are beautifully designed phones that are good value for money.

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