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Making Your Marketing Mobile Friendly

When you look at Internet and media trends, it becomes obvious that marketers need to transition to mobile formats. Doing so will help you reach your target audience more effectively.

Know How to Reach Your Audience

If you plan to target teenagers, then you have to go mobile. According to Pew research, 74 percent of teenagers say that they use mobile devices to access content online. If your marketing doesn’t work on mobile devices, you’ve missed that whole demographic.

Even older people are turning to mobile devices to access the Internet. They might use desktop and laptop computers at work, but they use mobile devices elsewhere. That’s a huge chunk of the population that you don’t want to miss.

Market With Text Messages

If you have customer phone numbers, then you can reach them through text messages. Just don’t annoy your customers with dozens of texts. Remember, some people still pay by the text. You don’t want to cost your clients money. Also, don’t forget that Papa John’s got sued for $250 million for sending up to 16 texts in a row to customers, even in the early morning hours.

Make your marketing texts simple and occasional to keep your customers informed without annoying them.

Make Your Marketing Social

Smartphone users can access social media with the push of an icon. Mobile phone-maker HTC has even released a device that puts Facebook Home at the center of its functionality.

This shows an important trend in marketing potential. Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social sites to attract more readers. You can even use those services to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter or email notifications.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Email

Everyone is excited about apps and social media marketing. Yes, those are essential tools in today’s mobile world, but you also need to include email in your overall strategy. Even “old school” mobile phones can access email servers.

When your email marketing focuses on mobile users, always keep the message short and to the point. Twitter only gives you 160 characters per message. Use that as a guideline. If you can’t craft your message in less than 200 characters, then you need to simplify your email.

People don’t want to read long pieces of text on mobile devices, so keep your message brief.

Build a Mobile-Worthy Website

Just because you have a website that looks and works great on a desktop computer doesn’t mean that you have a site that works well for mobile users. Make your website mobile-worthy so people can view it on all devices.

How do you do that? It depends on the kind of site you have. The type of audience that your website is reaching must be taken into consideration when designing the layout and functions of your mobile site. Consider the benefits of:

• WordPress mobile apps

• bMobilized

• Invest in responsive designs

What are some concerns that you have about changing to mobile-friendly marketing strategies? Do you prefer some of these options over others?

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