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Managing the Modern Marketing Team

Organizations that have to compete in today’s environment have realized that marketing is not limited to the success of one person. It has to be viewed as a team endeavor, where every member of the team puts in an effort. Every person in the team has to bring his or her own expertise and put it to use to help the overall marketing strategy.

Earlier Concepts of Marketing

In the past, marketing involved setting up a brand, advertising it, and giving the service to customers attracted by such advertisements. While the concept of advertising itself remains largely intact, the increasing numbers of media, whether it be print, electronic, event management, or the Internet, have led to each field being specialized, requiring its own unique expertise.

Earlier companies also tended to send a variety of employees, otherwise unassigned, to their marketing department, largely reducing overheads. The inexperienced personnel generally did not add much to the actual marketing, except for increasing the body count of a marketing team. This was also a result of sufficient importance not being given to marketing and more to actual production of the product being sold.

The Modern Marketing Team

Marketing has since been elevated to its right position, where it is seen as a device that can add market share and revenue. This alone can help a business to thrive and profit from its efforts. That is why managing a modern marketing team has led to strategies being laid down that decide on the marketing effort needed to sustain the business and allow it to expand.

In order to make up a successful marketing team, a business needs to fill a variety of positions. A few of these include a manager, a web developer/designer and an analyst. For online marketing campaigns a writer or content producer is vitally important, according to, this position is one of the top ten internet based jobs of 2013.

Marketing has to bring in revenue. A modern marketing team will have specialists who know the right sort of customer or other businesses that can lead to orders so that efforts can be focuses in the correct direction. Individuals on the marketing team will also be aware of the buying power of their target customers. This information is vital in case they see a mismatch between their target consumer?s buying power and the price of their end product.

In order to be successful, a modern marketing tea needs to have separate research personnel who are constantly analyzing the market, its needs, and providing the right feedback to keep the marketing effort constantly relevant.

The vast number of advertising media requires that personnel in a marketing team find the most effective method of advertising, which brings in responses from customers that translate into sales. The advent of social media and the Internet has vastly increased avenues of advertising and the need to respond to customer?s needs. The sales team of the modern marketing team has to provide the right service to customers and thus encourage repeat orders.

A Good Marketing Team Has to Acquire Paying Customers

A marketing team must be aligned to acquiring new customers. In order for this process to run smoothly, staff members need to be properly trained and have the necessary experience. Their job descriptions must include this activity of lead generation, and the staff must have the right budgets and time to help these efforts.

The roles of each member of a marketing team must be clearly defined, along with achievable targets that they are meant to bring to the table. The capabilities of each member of the team need to be evaluated. Senior management must then make an effort to see that the roles in the marketing efforts match the abilities of the particular team member.

Budgets and targets need to be constantly reviewed and strategies need to be dynamic in order to suit evolving market conditions. The entire marketing team should be involved in such planning and reviews so that all the member generate a sense of community with each project. This will bring out a greater effort to marketing and translate into larger revenues.

Author Bio: Joshua Turner is a writer who creates articles in relation to business. This article explains components of the modern marketing team and aims to encourage further study with a Bachelors in Business Management.

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