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Meeting In Cyberspace

Small business owners are busy people. They are most busy in times when they are trying to establish the business, make connections, present proposals, and are yet to find a stable supplier. They have to rush from one meeting to another, process documents in different agencies, and take phone calls one after the other.


The convenience of teleconferencing is often emphasized by office phone service providers such as RingCentral. It is usually included in the basic packages of VoIP services but if not, it can be availed as an add-on. This method of conducting a meeting saves the business money and time. It also saves the attendees from having to travel and drop their tasks just to make it to the meeting.


Since teleconferencing is one of the features of an office phone system, it is a technology that may be used at no extra cost or minimal cost, if any. This is one of the best advantages of having a meeting like this. Expenses for a meeting place will be saved. A meeting place may be used for other purposes that are considered as productive tasks. There will be no need to set up the place with needed devices.

Another way to save money through teleconferencing is avoiding transportation expenses. Small business owners, suppliers, clients, and employees do not have to leave their offices to attend the meeting. They do not need to spend money on cab or bus fare, or on gas and parking tickets.


Meeting participants would not have to leave their offices to attend the meeting so they can join the meeting no matter where they are as long as there is an available data connection and they have a capable device. They would need a computer or a mobile device, a webcam, a speaker or headset with mic, and they will be all set. They can attend the meeting even if they are in another building, another city, another state, or even another country.


Attendees can join the teleconference anytime and they can leave anytime without much fuss. There are times when being late or having to leave for a few minutes is unavoidable. In these cases, there is no need to bother everybody and disrupt the meeting by actually arriving late or stepping out of the room and returning a few minutes later. It is very easy to add participants in the virtual conference room should the need arise.


Aside from the actual cost, small business owners can also save time through teleconferencing. Time saving starts at setting up the meeting. There is little time needed when the traveling time is taken out. If a participant needs thirty minutes to go to the meeting place and an hour or so for the meeting, he or she will just need the actual time for the meeting so it will be easier for the organizer to find a particular time that will be convenient for all, or most of the participants. Time is saved through the easy set-up of the virtual conference room. Time is also saved not just from transportation to the meeting place but also on the way back to the office.


One important thing to remember is to always have plan B. Teleconferencing may not be applicable when there is power or internet connection interruption. It is always good to have a backup for both services. You should also have a skilled administrator so that he or she will be able to fix any technical problems right away.

Small business owners will surely love teleconferencing once they get the hang of it.

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