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Merits and Demerits Of Blog Commenting

If you are the owner of a blog, then there are some of the questions revolving around your business, for which you should allow the comments and few for which you should not. So, the question arises, how to manage it. You must not consider it as a small issue; instead you need to consider it carefully by weighing the pros and cons of commenting on that particular question before making any decision.

Here is the list of major merits and demerits of blog comments:


You are Opening yourself for Feedbacks

By enabling your blog for comments, you are allowing your fans to give their replies, criticisms and positive feedback. Your fans can help you to know your mistakes and can provide you with some additional information and intelligent points of view which can help you to improve your business by responding back to their suggestion. Face it, as some of the users will also come to know something more about that topics, this makes their inputs valuable.

You can Build Relationships through Comments

Another benefit of getting comments on your blog is that it can help you to build strong relationships with your audience or other bloggers. Your blog is dedicated to a niche for which you are passionate and the readers who read your blog will share that same passion in the form of comments and these comments are excellent channels for the mutual exchange between you and your readers so as to build strong relationships.

Business Partnerships

Like building relationships in the form of friendships, you can also create business partnerships through your blog by getting others in your business. Obviously, the persons who are commenting and are creating relationships with you are involved in the same business. So they want to share their products and services for promotion on your blog. Additionally you can also share your products and services for promotion. In this way the products will get merged in such a way that it benefits both of you in Internet Marketing.

Personalized Communications with Visitors

If your blog is a part of bigger products and services, then you can make use of comment section below your posts so as to respond to the customers’ complaints and questions. You will be answering the questions of those people who are looking for the reasons to buy. If there is anything that your potential customer likes, then these people will give you a kind of goodwill to you and your business.


Abusive Comments

The anonymous nature of internet is a situation where people debates can quickly lead to rude arguments, offensive comments, insults etc. So, by allowing the comments on your blog can be risky as you have to face lots of abusive comments. These abusive comments create a negative image of your business in the mind of other new customers and will lose trust and credibility from your business.

Waste Time

If you allow the comments on your blog, then you have to spend time in reading those comments and you can’t keep them unread. Reading all of them takes time and keeping them unread will create a wrong or negative impression in the minds of people. They will think that the business doesn’t take care of their audience or don’t have expertise in their niche. And if you have lots of commenter, then you have to reply for each of them which cost for more time.


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