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Published on October 10th, 2013 | by KateSimmons


Mobile Advertising Trends For 2014

Online marketing is undeniably one of the most effective ways of soliciting and developing your client base – and the statistics of this shift are clearly present within the marketing industry. With $8 billion dollars invested in mobile marketing this year by the big corporate giants, analysts are trying to understand how small businesses will incorporate mobile marketing into their plans in the coming year. Since the general public has become accustomed to ads within new spaces such as Facebook, iPhone and Android Applications, YouTube videos, and other social media platforms, we expect that the mobile marketing trend will continue to accelerate throughout 2014.

Understanding the Statistics: Why Has This Trend Developed So Quickly?

Advertisers have been eager to take advantage of these spaces within smartphone applications and browsing as there is a definite growth in smartphone usage among consumers – both in the office as well as throughout a personal social life. The makers of these applications and platforms have certainly benefitted from the 75% increase in mobile marketing spending throughout the year 2013, and analysts predict that this number may as much as double in the upcoming year. Projections suggest that within the United States alone, the spending on mobile advertisements and other mobile marketing methods will reach close to $12 billion dollars in the year 2014 – with advertisements that are tailor-made to fit the demographics of the mobile user.

This kind of marketing literally puts the advertisements into the potential customer’s hands: furthermore, for a reduced price or free usage of a particular application or platform, many users are extremely willing to put up with the occasional pop-up advertisement or two. The typical smartphone user will use his or her phone nearly around the clock, in short, intermittent bursts that make dealing with advertisements far more palatable than on a traditional browser on a laptop or tablet. Though the advertisements may be smaller and easier to ignore, marketing analysts have seen that users actually react to these advertisements more strongly – especially when they are projected onto the screen based upon particular preferences, demographics, or user information provided through the platform or application. It is no wonder that in such a short timespan, the virtual space of mobile advertising has become such an explosively profitable market.

Trends to Look For in 2014

Currently, over 20% of Americans cite their smartphone as the primary way in which they access the internet – and this number is projected to rise exponentially with the release of new phone models throughout 2014 as well as with the increasing affordability of smartphone technology for the average user. Since 66% of mobile phone users check their email multiple times per day on their smartphone, mobile marketers will be seeking new ways to take advantage of this platform through popups, sidebars, and other means. As for the small bursts of advertisement that take place before, during, and after some of the key video watching and sharing platforms, such as YouTube or Hulu – expect these methods to increase, featuring shorter advertisements that appear with more frequency. Facebook ads – which account for millions in revenue each year for the social media behemoth – will take up more space on the mobile version application, and will become far more integrated and visible within news feeds.

Implementation of Your New Mobile Advertising Plan

Throughout the fall quarter, many companies try to plan ahead in terms of their advertising schemes for the coming year. Even small, local businesses can take advantage of mobile advertisements despite the limited scope and physical space that the mechanism presents. By working closely with a consultant from a reputable company such as OrangeSoda mobile advertising, you can be sure that you can advertise effectively through mobile marketing as the trend develops throughout 2014.

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