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Mobile Phone Cases That Do a Lot More

The Case for Phone Cases

If you’ve ever dropped your phone and the screen’s cracked, you’ll understand the importance of a good phone case. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a large screen, as do many of the newer mobile phone models and several phones like the Nexus 4 also have a glass back. To protect the touch component of the mobile phone’s screen, a case is strongly recommended. These phones are made to be very sleek, which means they are often slippery, leading to many cracked screens and broken bezels.

The reasons to purchase a mobile phone case are not just limited to protection either; they now do a lot more for you and your phone. There are cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that charge the phone, provide complete protection, and those designed to be used during a workout.

Extending Charge

There are cases with double functionality, providing protection for your phone and extending the life of your battery or allowing you to charge your mobile phone wirelessly.

The PowerSkin Battery Case provides you with an external battery for your phone. It’s a rubber case similar to the flexible cases you’re probably used, which also gives you a significant boost to your battery life. The external battery is 1500mAh. The case works with a microUSB cable that plugs into the phone. It does add weight and size to the phone as well. There are other devices that extend battery life, but don’t offer protection too.

Another phone case that charges is the Droidax EzyCharge GS3 wireless charger system. It comes with a charging pad and receiver. The receiver fits on your mobile phone and is a soft plastic material. Similar to the PowerSkin case, it uses a microUSB port. The case is plugged into the charging pad and the Samsung Galaxy S3 plugs into a port on the case. The wireless charger also provides and additional 2300mAh of charge power.

The Otterbox

The Otterbox is a complete protection system for your phone. There are a couple of types to choose from, but you can get the protection you need for your mobile phone, including protection from dropping it and more. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and it can’t be crushed. It has a hard case, a soft cover and also includes screen protection.  However, all of this protection comes at a price and the Otterbox adds a significant amount of bulk to your wafer-thin smartphone.

Workout Mode

Now you can work out and keep your mobile phone with you. The Arkon XXL Running and Workout band is an example of this. The phone clips into the arm band and allows you to play music. It’s sweat resistant, to give your phone additional protection too. It has a plastic window so that you’re still able to see the phone. You can also store money or cards in the armband if you need to.

There are many cases on the market and several that offer more than basic protection. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most popular phones on the market and if you have a different phone, find out more from your service provider about the case options for your phone.  A good case will allow you to protect your investment, without compromising its style and functionality.

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