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Money Apps For Apple watch

With Apple watch becoming one of the biggest gadgets to look forward to this year; let’s talk about some money apps for the apple watch:


This app is already very popular with for the Mac and iphone. Soon it will be available for the watch as well. The app’s screen will show the budgets and investments and also the expenses incurred. To know more details, you need to tap to check your accounts.


With the help of this app, you can keep a tab on the real estate development. This app enables you to find nearby homes for sale. You can use dictation to record your thoughts about the homes as you are taking a tour of them. You can also get the prices, the number of rooms available and the area in terms of square footage. Also it allows you to favourite a home and then you get notifications when its status or price changes.

MoneWiz 2

This app will communicate enables communication with the Ios users and enables them to enter transactions while they are on the go. They can also check their accounts balances. And apart from that, it can also be customized to match the color of your watch. Transactions entered on the watch will immediately be posted into MoneyWiz 2 for iOS which will also sync them to all of your devices. It’s a simple, powerful yet easy way to keep your finances in check.” said IliyaYordanov, Managing Director of SilverWiz, the company that developed the moneyWiz app.

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This is the top finance app for the Apple users that will help them manage their bank accounts and credit/debit cards. It keeps a track of the all your personal expenses. This app on the apple watch will give an idea as to where the money is going and also will alert in case of any fraudulent or suspicious activity.

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Chronicle which is already in use for iOS and Mac, is an app that reminds the users to pay their bills and helps them pay online. It also keeps proofs of payments as it remembers the payment history for each bill and also the downloaded receipts and confirmation numbers. Chronicle for the Apple watch will have a glance view that will show the next bill that is due and will also alert the users by sending bill notifications.


This app will give the watch users an insight of the global markets and alerts on stocks and investments. “Fidelity Mobile for Apple Watch provides a powerful balance of access and timeliness in a manner that is unobtrusive and subtle right on your wrist,” said Velia M. Carboni, senior vice president, mobile channel at Fidelity. “We are focused on using this beautiful new hardware to create a different type of experience for our customers,” Carboni added. This app will become available when the watch launches on April 24, 2015.


This automatic personal assistant is the app that will manage all the calendars, tasks, personal accounts and notes for the users. It isn’t a personal finance app in true sense of the word but it doesn’t mean it won’t help you with the money. It can alert you about a bill that is about to be due.


This app which is already available for iphone will translate to Apple watch and there it will help users add and subtract cash from their budgets by just tapping. It is an easy app that helps you keep a track of where your money is going.

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