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More Small Businesses Relying On Digital Marketing

As years pass by, the competition among market players get stiffer and stiffer. This is very true for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and other small market players. One reason for this is the continuous mushrooming of new business enterprises that try to establish themselves and gain success in their ventures. With these, the less financially capable market players such as SMBs look for strategies and technological tools that can help them without shelling out huge sums of money. One great example is the digital tools that they optimize in the marketing of their products and services. Actually, more and more small businesses are relying on digital tools not just to establish themselves but to expand their presence and remain competitive.

Digital Marketing Platforms

The advent of the Internet has definitely opened a lot of possibilities and opportunities for small businesses. This is because online technology is very effective and at the same time very affordable. So, whatever marketing strategy that is related to the Internet, it can be called digital marketing. One of the platforms is the social media through social networking sites such as Facebook, Multiply, Twitter and Instagram. Businesses can create their own accounts and through these inform consumers about their business and its products. Another platform is the websites. Businesses can create their own websites where they can post information about their brand. Another platform is the online advertisements. Of all the platforms, this is the one that may require a little more capital.

The popularity of smartphones has also made SMS marketing possible. With this, mobile marketing is another platform that can be optimized by small businesses. The best thing about SMS marketing is that it has a higher response rate as Smartphone users will surely read the message when it reached their inboxes.

Trends in Digital Marketing

According to a market study that surveyed 1,000 small businesses in the US, 2013 sees more investments in digital marketing and small business phones from RingCentral. In particular, 66% of small businesses are expected to invest as much or more as they did last year in online advertisements, social media and websites. This year also, small businesses are expected to expand their digital and online presence through email blasts to customers and their company website.

The survey also revealed that 71% of small businesses are “very likely” or “somewhat” to increase the budget allocated for mobile marketing. In addition, almost one-third plan to engage with customers through websites that are “mobile-friendly.” This means websites that are viewable without difficulty on smartphones.

Value of Digital Tools

Apparently, small market players see the value of digital marketing. Through the numerous digital tools they see a lot of opportunity for them to expand and to reach a wider number of prospective customers. Some of the tools that they can optimize are social media, websites and email. All these can be used to reach and connect with people as if there are no borders. These tools also help small businesses in their publicity without spending a lot.

With all this, there is no denying that digital marketing is really something that small market players can rely on. Why wouldn’t they when it is very effective and yet does not require them to have huge capital. With it, they can surely expand themselves and remain competitive without being pressured by the capabilities of large corporations.

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