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Multiple Domain Hosting: Why Bother?

Every webmaster knows the value of having a good hosting plan. A good plan determines the performance of your website which in turn affects its functionality, popularity and ultimately, its earnings. With the average webmaster running multiple websites, keeping up with the management and maintenance of different hosting plans for all the sites can be quite tasking. Getting a multiple domain hosting plan may just be the answer to this problem.

Save Yourself a Decent Sum of Money

Running a successful website costs a lot of money and if you have several websites, the costs multiply and accumulate. With a multiple domain hosting plan, you can reduce these costs by simply hosting all your sites on a single plan. For instance, if you currently run six websites on different hosting accounts, you are probably sending money down the drain, and that is money that could have been put to a better use because you can actually host all the websites on a single account. The logic is simple: pay for one account, host several (or unlimited) websites!

Manage Your Websites More Effectively

Apart from the cheaper cost, getting a multiple domain hosting plan also saves you a lot of stress. I used to run my initial 5 websites on different accounts and as a budding webmaster, I managed them myself. One thing I can authoritatively tell you is that it wasn’t easy doing this—and that’s an understatement! Thanks to multiple domain hosting, managing my sites is now a breeze; I run my sites effectively from a single control panel without having to log in and out of different accounts—and that too without the dreadful headache I used to have after all that was done.

Getting a Good Plan

Getting a multiple domain hosting plan sure sounds nice but there’s a need for caution and intelligence. There are different plans out there with different features, so you need to select the best one. Some important points to consider before choosing a plan include:

  • Bandwidth and disc space of your sites in relation to the storage and disc space of the server,
  • A plan that allows multiple IP addresses (important for SEO and ranking),
  • Number of domains: limited or unlimited
  • Cost of plan—of course!

With all the reasons outlined above viz. Saving a lot of money and managing your sites more effectively, the real question to ask isn’t why should you consider multiple domain hosting but rather, why not?

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