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One Stop Shop For All Weather Details – Weather Lab!

Weather Lab was established in March 2010 with an aim to provide clients first hand information on weather and also provide them any historical date needed by them. They cater to clients in United Kingdom and aspire to spread their business to Ireland and other major markets in Europe.

Based in Essex, Weather Lab are complete professionals. They are well aware that every client differs from one and another and has different needs. They not only understand this fact but also make every attempt to give their clients prompt service and suggestion on any of their products and services.

They have few professional ethics and they abode by them at all times. Some of which are:

  • They get back to the clients the same day they receive their call or email
  • Their suggestions are genuine and they always make their clients comfortable
  • They do not make any false acclaims and if they have committed to something, they ensure they deliver it promptly
  • They believe in transparency and levy no hidden or additional charges. Everything transaction is fair and upfront
  • The payment modes used by them are the most secure and they keep every clients professional, personal and financial details confidential
  • They have engaged a dedicated team of meteorologists that are available 24 hours a days and 7 days a week.

Different sectors require weather forecasts for different reasons and Weather Lab ensures that it caters to every such sector. Some of which are as follows:

  1. Historical Weather Datasets

Weather lab gathers its information from 36 million historical observations. These are gained from 216 quality-controlled weather stations regulated by the Government located in and around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Their weather database is a compilation of of every weather forecast from September 1990 till date.

Regional datasets have selected information from different stations across the 13 regions in the United Kingdom and also covers a large area of Greater London.

  1. Animal Welfare Investigations

Weather lab provides weather forecasts for many animal welfare organisations located at any farm or grid. They hold a huge database which has weather reports commencing from 1990 for United Kingdom and Ireland. This data is available for consumers as well as commercial organizations and are given in PDF, Excel or word format

  1. Renewable Energy

These organizations require annual weather details to be able to plan wind turbines, installations of solar panels and generation of tidal energy.

  1. Goods Distribution:

In order to claim for adulteration and spoilage, requests are made for weather conditions via road, rail or air.

  1. Construction Delays

Any construction company requests for weather conditions before they commence building sites. Weather Lab caters to such organizations across UK and Ireland.

  1. Personal Injury Claims

Incase an incident occurs, request are sent to Weather labs to analyse the weather conditions and surface conditions; such as if there was ice around the time when incident occurred.

  1. Road Traffic Accidents

Incase of a road traffic accident claims are sent to ensure the climate was appropriate during the time of accident. A valid meteorological report is sent to the solicitors to establish the facts.

  1. Insurance Claim Validations:

Incase of floods, claims are raised for missing tiles and destroyed roof tops. Even the most difficult claim can be settled easily with a proper weather report displaying the facts.

These are some of the sectors that are in constant need of some of the other kind of weather report. Weather lab ensures that their database includes everything from least weather changes and to drastic climatic changes and this is why weather lab has such huge weather database.

Author of this article is a transport consultant and works closely with the weather forecast organizations. He has quite a few years of experience in this field.

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