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Published on December 19th, 2017 | by Howard Bell


Online Branding 101

If you are new to the world of business, you know just how important establishing a brand can be. As the digital era is taking over our lives, it is increasingly difficult to stand out in the crowd in an extremely oversaturated market. Even if you do have a killer product, it might not be enough. You need to know how to sell it.

With so many different goals in mind, branding can be relegated further down the list of important task. If you are running your own business, you will want to participate in every aspect of the endeavor, which may soon drive you mad. You will never have enough time to do everything and foresee everything, even oversee everything, which is why you need to leave some of the tasks to the professionals. Hiring an accounting company should be at the top of your list. Accountant Online can take care of all of the financial aspects of your business, so you can focus on some of the more interesting ones, such as branding. After all, this is probably where your vision will be most needed.

The more work and thought you put into it initially, the more time you will have to focus on other things down the road, and a carefully thought-out branding strategy can save you many a headache later on. Here are some of the thing to bear in mind while considering your future brand:

Branding for the masses

The first mistake often made by new businesses is trying to please as many different customers as they can. However, you should do quite the opposite, and try to speak to a very specific audience. Depending on your product or service, create a buyer persona, the one person who needs you products the most, and focus on selling it to them, not everybody else who happens to come along. Of course, you will make sales outside this ideal customer base, but that should not be your primary goal.

Branding like the next guy

When thinking about your brand, you need to think beyond the cool logo and the fancy name. You want to craft a message, something your company will stand behind, and which will have you stand out among all the other similar companies out there. You need to craft this message with your target audience in mind, and speak to them, make yourself as relatable to them as you can. Again, don’t worry about what everyone else will think about your brand, they are not the ones you are trying to charm. Tailor every message you put out to this overarching company theme. Every piece of content or visuals you push out should be in line with the brand message.

Branding misunderstandings

While we are talking about messages – you don’t want to have your customers guess at what you are trying to say. You need to be very clear about your products and services, and what it is that is different about them. If you don’t get this message across, you will fail to become a recognizable brand in the eyes of your customers, they will not even remember you, and will simply walk over to the next company which offers what you do. If you are not sure about how to get your message across, you can leave this part of the job to marketing professionals, who already have several successful campaigns under their belt, and who can help you with identifying a voice that will best communicate with your desired audience.

Branding vs. rebranding

People often view rebranding as a bad thing, and invoke the famous Coca Cola example, and the fiasco with the new and improved recipe. However, rebranding does not entail turning your company upside down, and going for a completely new message. On the contrary, it means you need to go with the flow, and stay on top of the changes in your particular market. As new social networks and new means of communication are popping up, you need to work with them, and rework your campaigns so they still target your audience, even when it is shifting to different means of communication, and adopting new trends.

It can take years, even decades to build a brand that is recognizable by millions. Don’t try to force it, though. Keep investing in your company and marketing efforts, and the brand will build itself.

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