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Online Marketing – Money Making Technique!

Online marketing is the modern method of promoting products and is very efficient because it can reach a wide number of targets easily. Obviously it takes the help of internet. Online marketing Thailand can be of many forms; E mail marketing, social media marketing search engine marketing, display advertising including web banner advertising and mobile advertising. It involves many agencies like the publisher who transforms the advertisement into its online content, an advertiser who provides the advertisement for publishing, advertising agency who helps generate and promote the ad copy and an ad server who technologically delivers the ad.

E mail marketing is simply mailing the product information to target mail addresses. The sender has to do some home work in building up a list of potential customer. Sometimes in order to maintain the customer base e mail are send to old acquaintances wishing some occasion. Advertisements can also be given along with some other mail to promote your product.

In display advertisement the advertisement matter is conveyed visually using texts, logos, animations, video, photographs or other graphics.

·  Search Engine marketing is designed to increase the visibility of the page in order to increase the traffic.

· Web banner advertisement: These are graphical ads displayed within a web page.

· Search Engine Optimisation is a method to improve the web sites ranking for increased  visibility.

·  Social Media Marketing is commercial promotion conducted through social media web site.

·   Mobile advertisements are ads delivered through wireless mobile devices.

With this background knowledge of online marketing we may now go in for discussing the applicability of online marketing in Thailand. There are many companies ready to help you in providing online marketing facilities in Thailand.

One such company is netmediauk. They have a branch called netmediathailand. This is a digital marketing training company. They provide training in:

Competitor online analysis, keyword research into your business, buying a domain, managing a hosting account, building a seo packed blog site, writing proactive content, keyword and sales rich blog and press release, social media facebook,twitter, linkden et al, how to add social media to your web site. They have a web directory and can promote your product to 30000 Thailand based people on their mass social media reach.

Neat interactive company limited is offering Chinese social media marketing. They will manage your online presence, make regular content for social media else it will break with the viewers, make campaign based online solutions, make creative ads after closely interacting with you, give consultancy service to all matters relating to online marketing.

·         Seo Thail is also an online marketing service provider for Thailand.

·         Now a glimpse about Thailand’s potential in online marketing.

·         Thailand’s internet population is 17,486,000

·         Internet marketing potential is $151,131 million

·         Search Engine Market Share: Google 99.02%, Bing 0.66%, Yahoo 0.18%, Ask Jeeves 0.12%,Baidu 0.05%

·         Mobile users in Thailand 83.057 million

·         Social Media in Thailand : Facebook users: 9,298,000

·         Facebook penetration  14%

There is a vast potential of online marketing in Thailand even though the cost of setting up a broad band line in Thai homes and the associated hardware is prohibitive for average Thai households. But the positive point is that the households those will be able to connect internet broad band connection are wealthiest among the Thai’s and will have the potential to purchase luxury items and services like travel and tourism as well as state of the art technology. Online dating web sites are abundant in Thailand.

Social media is also gradually becoming a recognised tool for connecting the consumers and the brands. About 50% of internet users in Thailand access social media sites from mobile phones which closely ties mobile internet and media.

Writer wons a company which provides all kind of services such a content writing, seo, internet marketing etc.

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