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The need for PG accommodation has been there even before the property boom in India. Students as well as professionals have always had the need for economical accommodations when they move to a new city. The trend has prevailed in the modern times as well and with the increasing number of jobs and education institutions, the need of PG accommodations and hostels has only increased; if not anything else.

Housing is a real estate portal that has a consumer oriented approach. The portal utilizes data analysis and technology to assess the end user demands related to properties and helps them solving them. It is after an analysis of the market that it was realized that there was a potent need to help people find rooms and hostels. Therefore introduced an entirely new section called ‘PG&Hostels’ & houses for rent in Bangalore and other cities to help end users search for the same. It is this foresight that has made the fastest growing real estate site.

How has the Portal Assessed the PG Search Criteria analyzes terabytes of data off the internet and related to consumer interactions. This way the portal is able to slice and dice this data to identify what does every consumer segment need? The portal has been able to successfully utilize statistical techniques to identify the factors that affect the search for room for rent. Accordingly it gathers information to every listing.

It is worth pointing that the agents of visit every single property where a room is let out and needs to be listed on Here they take photographs of the site and gather information based on a questionnaire created by this questionnaire is based on the consumer needs as identified by the portal. Therefore, all the information that someone searching for a rental room looks for; is proactively gathered during the verification of the listing.

Now an end user looking for a room is able to use filter options which allow him/her to separate rooms according to their costs, amenities and even listing type. The property specifications have a Lifestyle Index, house rules and the ability to assess the locality as well.

Assessing an Individual Room

Assume you are an end user looking for singe room for rent in Bangalore. You use the ‘PG& Hostels’ option on to search for the PG accommodations in a particular locality in Bangalore. When you have sorted out the room offerings according to your requirements, you can view each of the listing closely. Clicking on the property marker reveals the specifications. These specifications comprise of photographs which are taken by the agents. Each of these photographs have been taken by the agents and therefore the accommodation is represented exactly as it is. There is a tab in this description called ‘Locality’. When this tab is clicked, an end user is able to find the distance of amenities like banks, grocery stores, parks, schools, hospitals, bus stations, train stations etc. from the house. If there is a specific location that an end user wants to find the distance of, there is also the provision to find one using the custom search option.

If there is a question related to the property, then the end user can contact the owner/broker and have it answered. Alternately, if he/she wants to compare it with other findings, then ‘Shortlist’ button has to be clicked.

In Conclusion allows end users to find the best properties including PG accommodations with considerable ease and reliability.

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