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PHP Programmers – Do they have a Viable Career?

Due to the advent of open source programming languages, becoming a developer has become the easiest route for most of the IT professionals these days. The biggest reason behind this is the fact that these languages are open source, and hence a lot of companies use these languages to build up their web applications. PHP is one of the most used programming languages around the globe, and therefore the demand of PHP programmers is growing continuously. No matter if you have already entered the PHP development career, or you are planning to enter in it, this article will guide you what to expect from PHP programming as a career.

One of the biggest indications of how much PHP is being used is the growing popularity of e-commerce and web based businesses online. Most of these online businesses rely heavily on their applications built on PHP. The ease of use and high level functionality makes PHP the perfect choice for thousands of businesses online. One of the most common PHP application is WordPress, which is very easy to use yet has the power of running a full fledge dynamic website from a simple to use dashboard.

Since PHP is Open source and companies can start their business by using PHP quite easily therefore small and medium companies tend to hire a lot of PHP developers. The demand of PHP developers is a bit low in huge organizations, but the extra-ordinary demand of PHP developers in medium sized companies don’t leave any PHP developer un-employed.

2 Broad Ways to go as a PHP Developer

Freelance: There are tons of projects running on PHP on World Wide Web, and if you are really good ad coding PHP, you should have absolutely no problem in earning handsome income by just doing freelance work online. Websites like, oDesk, eLance, and freelancer are flooded with contractors who want to hire you if you have the required skill set and can deliver. Many people we know, have left their jobs and are now completely relying on their freelance clients for regular stream of work, and earning much more than their 9-5 job.

Professional (9-5): You can also work as a professional PHP developer for a company either on in-house projects or client projects. You will have various career levels in this career path, you will start as a developer or coder but later you will move to more senior positions like, Lead, Project Manager, Technical Lead, or CTO of company. Due to high availability of jobs in the market, this route perhaps provides the most security and stable income.

Salary of a PHP Developer

Salary of a PHP developer depends on a lot of factors, like the country where company is based, the currency, developer`s experience, amount of work load, and the actual designation. But it is for sure that a highly qualified and experienced PHP developer will definitely draw more than a normal IT professional.

Why Choose PHP Development as a Career?

The reason is simple, because it is a stable career and jobs are very easy to find in PHP development. Especially with the emergence of frameworks like Zend and their certifications, it can be safely said that PHP development has just arrived and it is not going to go anywhere anytime soon.

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