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Popular Smartphone Touchscreens or Displays of 2018

Are you planning to buy a Smartphone? If β€˜yes’ then you have to read the below-mentioned points to know about different Smartphone touchscreens and displays.

# Smartphone Displays/Touchscreen

  • TFT-LCD – This type of display units is generally used in TFT LCD Smartphones. Besides, this technology offers higher resolution and good image quality. The only con of this type of display unit is poor screen visibility in sunlight or direct light. Another important thing that you should know about TFT displays is that their power consumption is more. This type of displays can be manufactured at a cheaper cost. Hence, they are generally found on feature phones and budget phones.
  • IPS-LCD – This type of display units is commonly used in high-end Smartphones. Trust me the smartphones with IPS LCD display offers great image quality. Moreover, this type of display generally consumes low power. Hence, the smartphones with IPS LCD display would be a good choice for you when compared to the smartphones with TFT LCD display. In fact, the battery life of IPS LCD is better than the TFT LCD display. The only con is the smartphones with this IPS LCD display are quite costly.
  • OLED – These OLED displays enable the Smartphone to last longer. These OLED displays are a good choice when compared to the LCDs due to their higher brightness, lightweight, extraordinary colour reproduction, and wide viewing angles.
  • AMOLED – These AMOLED displays have gained huge popularity in the present days. These AMOLED displays are generally found in high end smartphones and they are popular for their light weight, good image quality, higher brightness and good battery life.
  • Gorilla Glass – Gorilla glass is extremely popular for their high damage resistance. Trust me they offer a great protection for your smartphone displays from bumps, scratches and drops. Most of the popular companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola have started using this glass to improve the durability of their mobile displays. Hence, it is better to buy a smartphone with gorilla glass to avoid unnecessary tension in future.
  • Tactile Touchscreen – Companies like Nokia and Blackberry generally use this technology. The technology has been especially designed to improve the user performance, satisfaction and accuracy while using Smartphone touchscreen i.e. while typing.

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