Technology Preventing Cyberattacks Aimed At Your Business

Published on April 16th, 2018 | by EditorOne


Preventing Cyberattacks Aimed At Your Business

Digital security has become a top priority item for both individuals and businesses over the past five to ten years. With high-profile stories showing up seemingly on a weekly basis in the media and digital devices becoming an indispensable part of everything from academics to entertainment to business, it stands to reason companies are looking for ways to avoid becoming the next victim of ransomware, a digital break-in or a phishing incident.

One of the key problems with digital security is the lack of knowledge among those most likely to be targeted. The technology is confusing enough, but when it is combined with an always-changing selection of unusual terminology, the entire subject can become unfathomable for all but the most dedicated experts. Even with tools like next generation antivirus, it can seem like the company is in an uphill battle. For this reason, one of the most powerful and effective ways to navigate an effort to strengthen security in your company is to educate your employees. Here are some things to consider.

Describe the Threat

One of the simplest strategies is to explain, in very basic terms, how cyberattacks work. What do the attackers want? How can they use information they get in these attacks to benefit themselves? How can that information be protected? By using illustrative language and describing the various components of secure digital systems through example and metaphor, even those who may not have the depth of experience necessary to gain a complete understanding of the technical details should still be able to gather the basics in a reasonable amount of time.

As with any other security subject, knowledge and education are the keys to overcoming attacks based on confusion and lack of information.

When Employees Attack

Another excellent technique is to give employees in your organization the tools and the instruction they need to perform attacks on their own. By letting them do what attackers might do, they can gain a perspective on the motives and methods of these individuals that few others will ever have. The key to defeating any enemy is to know how that enemy operates. This has never been closer to the truth than in the world of cyberattacks and digital security.

One of the most important elements of this technique is its potential for showing employees and others exactly what attackers hope to achieve through their efforts. Once you know what someone is after, it becomes much easier to protect it.


Occasionally, the newly trained employees should be run through a mock attack so they can see how it develops, what to look for, and what the results will be in the event of success or failure. Once the mock incident concludes, the entire staff can sit down and evaluate what happened, what they experienced and the best ways to address the threat. Like any fire department, naval vessel or hospital emergency room crew, such a team of employees will be well prepared if the real event happens, and they will be able to protect the company from damage and further vulnerability.

Cyberattacks are not all that different from any other crime. Attackers simply use different tools. By familiarizing employees with the tactics and information, a business can strengthen itself against future incidents.

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