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Promoting Your Business On Paper In A Digital World

In a world where online content is king and social media seems to pervade our every waking minute, it may seem like print marketing tactics such as business cards and traditional advertising are passé. But don’t think about throwing out those business cards. According to a survey by the Small Business Administration, 60 percent of small business owners said they distribute more business cards today than they did five years ago.

The key is finding ways to use traditional marketing strategies, including business cards, as a way to bridge the gap between print and digital media. Read on for tips on how to make traditional forms of print marketing work for you today.

Networking Still Requires Human Contact

The fine art of face-to-face, in-person networking is still alive and thriving, and traditional business cards are an integral part of that form of communication. Cards can help you establish your personal brand; it’s important to deliver a professional image that reinforces it. Hire a printing service to make sure your cards are memorable and speak to who you are and what your business does. And don’t be shy about handing them out to potential contacts at networking events, conferences or even your neighborhood barbecue.

Establish Brand Identity

According to that same SBA survey, the average American small business owner hands out 40 business cards per month. That means yours could get lost in the shuffle if they are of the basic—or, more to the point, boring—persuasion. Business cards remain an easy way to make a lasting impression and to spread the word about yourself and your business—not to mention your website, Facebook page and Twitter handle.

Take advantage of the opportunity to sell yourself a bit in a fun and subtle way by designing a business card that’s unique and clearly communicates your brand message. Consider a folding business card with a picture of a laptop printed inside if yours is an IT company, or maybe make creative use of the Google emblem if you own an SEO company. A clever-looking card means the recipient will be more likely to hold onto it.

Build a Bridge

Your print marketing efforts should all refer customers directly to your online presence. That could certainly include listing your website on your business cards, but think outside the box a bit. A QR code printed on your business card or in a newspaper advertisement leads smartphone users directly to the mobile version of your site, and these codes are becoming more and more popular: The number of QR codes scanned per minute saw an increase from 24 in mid-2011 to 120 in mid-2012. It appears that trend will continue throughout 2013, so it’s wise to want to be a part of this trend.

These are just a few ideas of how to make your print marketing efforts relevant in the digital age. Numerous opportunities abound to make a lasting impression. Be creative in thinking of ways to reach your audience across all forms of media.

Making the effort to do so will ensure your company remains a strong competitor in its industry.

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