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Pros and cons of uploading YouTube videos on Facebook

Facebook is currently the largest social media platform which is used by millions of people in a day. YouTube has approximately 1.8 billion users per month, but Facebook has more than 2 billion active users a month. So, if you want to game fame and want your content to reach a wide scale of audience, you should upload the YouTube video on Facebook. Facebook is the largest social media platform with a maximum number of active users per month will help you to easily reach out to a lot of people at once because there might be many people on earth who do not scroll YouTube videos on a daily basis, but their day definitely begins by scrolling their Facebook timeline!

As a social media influencer, you should never ever restrict yourself to one particular platform specifically. You can surely start by creating your YouTube channel but then onwards do not forget to spread your wings. Put all your other social media handles on the description box so that your fans know and follow your other social media accounts on a daily basis and get notified when you upload a new content. You do not need to separately upload the same content on your social media profiles separately. You can use the hack trick specified below.

Look for YouTube to Facebook converter to convert your videos and upload it on Facebook. In that way, people who will click on your Facebook link will be directed to your YouTube channel automatically which will give your video 100 per cent views count. It is a fast, quick and super easy process which you can get for free from any of the online websites who provide such services.

The first thing that your audience will come across is your video’s thumbnail. If the thumbnail does not look attractive, be assured that no one is going to click on the video even. So, upload a thumbnail image which is an original picture from the video or an image that truly represents your content. But remember, the image which you have put up as YouTube thumbnail won’t work as a Facebook thumbnail. Because Facebook requires a bigger thumbnail with increased pixel quality. So, you can use a thumbnail generator for converting your YouTube videos Facebook thumbnail.

The thumbnail creator will make the thumbnails large and add an extra-large play button on top of the thumbnail which is easy to click for your audiences. When the YouTube video gets shared to Facebook, more clicks automatically start to generate by improved CTR (Click through Ratio) which will also give you an idea regarding your post’s engagement rate and help you develop a fan base on both the social media platforms.

Lastly, do not forget to put an attractive title which is not too lengthy and correctly represents your content. If you have to write more, use the description box of the video to add the details. Also, do not forget to add video tags which will help you get easy recognition. By following these steps, you will definitely become a successful social media influencer!

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