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Public Relations Is the New SEO

Reasons why Public Relations are a must in SEO 2013

  • In todays world it is observed that public relations and SEO go hand in hand.

  • Authentic and relevant link building informing public and building mutually beneficial relationships play a key role in todays SEO.

  • It is not only the link building that plays a vital role in public relations and SEO, it also gives SEO a sense of connectivity.

  • Links that are updated in the web site need to provide a proper guidance and enough of value  to the reader.

  • Editorial links always bring a boost to the SEO.

  • The links that are updated are high quality links. The agents get an access to the links where in they have to answer the queries of the customer.

  • Public relation skills are easy to be learned and executed.

  • Public relation not only builds up the trust on the site and the products offered it also helps to publicize the product more.

  • It is much more easier to build up a good reputation between the public relation person and the SEO.

  • If at all you’re a SEO agent and your new to the Public Relation agent then it is required to read the editorial guidelines or the publications you need to follow.

  • Its also builds up a good relation with the clients.

  • The more equipped you get with your work the more can you build up public relation with the client. It will also build up a strong trust for the client related to the product.

  • The client shows more participation in the product.

  • It also enables a good income as the clients shows his trust in the product and invests more.

  • Connections of the public relation person provides a great help to the SEO to provide quality links to the authoritative company.

  • The main role of the public relation person is to find out outlets or to build up contacts with people who have good influence with the authoritative company.

  • The people who work with public relations  have a real good sense what the media wants and are the best people who can guide about the matter to be presented to the media.

  • There should be more of visibility between the SEO and the public relation person.

  • Release of proper key words will help the SEO and the public relation person to promote the links in the world wide media.

  • If you advertise the key words on the web site which holds a good reputation in the market the clients will get more attracted towards the link and will use the links very often.

  • As the Public relation people are more equipped in communication or rather saying well trained in communication it becomes easier for them to promote the quality links.

  • Most likely it does happen that after building up clients the SEO’Sbreak up the contact with the Public relation person who had once helped the SEO’S to grab clients for their links.

  • The contacts should be maintained even after the SEO’S getting good clients. It helps the SEO’S to maintain a good reputation with the on going clients as well as build up new clients with the help of Public relation person.

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