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Qi Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is not a new technology, because actually it has emerged since 2009, although is still rarely found on Smartphone products. Currently, there are three Smartphone using wireless charging: Nexus 5, Nexus 4, and Galaxy S4, while there is only one tablet using it: Nexus 7. In principle, wireless charging is recharging the batteries on your phone without wires. No more cables that needs to be plugged into power source. “Inductive charging” is another name to call this kind of technology. How does “recharge” mechanism work? Basically, it uses electromagnetic energy sourced from the inductive charger. Put your phone on charging pad and your device will be charged effortlessly and speedily.

There are Multiplied Advantages of Wireless Charger you could Enjoy, including:

  1. When traveling, you do not need to bother looking for a power source at the gas station, as you can charge the devices in your car.
  2. You won’t miss any important call whatsoever.
  3. Devices that use wireless charging should be mutually compatible, so it can be more widespread application.
  4. Wireless charging technology is an open, flexible, fully interoperable, and provide flexibility to companies to create a variety of different types of products and applications.
  5. You as a user of mobile devices can avoid the discomfort that usually appears when the device runs out of battery.

Plenty of companies had been developed charging pad that utilize that technology of wireless charging, one of which is Choe Technology. Choetech wireless car charger with Qi charging technology. The technology inside Qi wireless charger enables you to charge any of your mobile devices easily and quickly. All you need is only the holder and your devices are ready to charge, while at the same time you could spend times driving to your office. Such charging pad comes with WPC Qi standard in terms of wireless charging specification. The charger pad receiver is also compatible with WPC Oi. Where to buy Choe Qi charger?

We recommend you Amazon, a place to buy Choe Qi Wireless charger dock for any phones that are supporting wireless charging. That charger supports portrait and landscape orientations, which also comes with minimalistic and sleek design to match any devices you have in hand. Choe Qi wireless charger featuring: LED charging indicator, compatible with WPC OI, position fixing (sliding arm), and one touch extension (holding arm). The product is easy to use and durable as well; cost is $ 65.98.

Choe Technology will continue to promote products that provide solutions in the form of wireless charger. The solution is available for both Smartphone makers and end-users. Wireless charger from Choe will always give priority to vision-based environmental and energy savings. Choe also have a series significant miniaturization of receivers products with an ergonomic design intended for Smartphone products available on the market.

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