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Reliable Anti Spam Solutions

If you’re interested in anti spam solutions, check out the many product ranges offered by online specialists.  There are cost-effective solutions from enterprises with products existing in hosted versions or software solutions. Anti spam services can be adapted to every need and installed in minutes by professionals.  These types of services are:-

  • Scalable – whether you want to protect a few mailboxes or thousands, scalable anti spam solutions are available at suitable prices.
  • Open source – confidential treatment of data is guaranteed in anti spam products.

When using cloud anti spam services, you’re guaranteed ongoing support from professionals who will provide the best response times.  Every customer is considered a priority whatever anti spam issues arise.

Main Benefits

There’s no doubt about it, anti spam products and services are an effective way to protect your e-mail accounts against unwanted spam and viruses.  They are easy to install, ensure perfect data privacy, are high quality and inexpensive.  Check out the following main benefits:-

  • User friendly – very simple, intuitive user interface and admin interface. You will soon discover the ergonomics of a web user interface and quickly get connected using easy to follow login parameters.
  • Easy installation – experts can install virtual or physical appliance solutions very quickly on a server of your choice. In around 15 minutes you can start to filter your e-mail traffic.  No particular skills are required for Linux, an installation CD will complete all of the work automatically.  The entire configuration is then performed over a web administration interface.
  • Quality – filtering quality ensures that 99% of unwanted messages are blocked by combining artificial intelligence algorithms along with frequent updates. Third parties software is also an option to increase detection rate.  Users maintain total control over behaviour with a simple click to detect or release any message maintained by the filter.  The great news is installation requires absolutely no modification to your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Data confidentiality – expect a unique anti spam solution which guarantees that all your data is analysed confidentially and transparently. Anti spam filters read e-mail content automatically, analysing it and making decisions based on detected content. After detection, messages are then directed to their final destination.  At the end of the day, it can be quite serious if copies of certain messages get into the wrong hands.
  • Pricing – recommended online companies provide great value for money anti spam enterprise solutions. Specialists offer several anti spam variants that can be spread throughout your network.  Find out more about hosted solutions by consulting an online cloud service or appliance specialist.  There are also on-premises solutions available.  Again it’s worthwhile consulting virtual appliance experts for dedicated hardware and virtual machines.

If you’re not quite sure which cloud anti spam services or appliances are best for you, make contact with an experienced online consultant.  Indicate how many mailboxes you would like to protect and your currency preference when it comes to pricing.

30 Day Free Trial

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to benefit from the following 30 day free trials for:-

  1. Cloud anti spam – this is available with cloud anti spam hosted and maintained directly on a backbone network.  There are also standard filtering rules as well as basic support.  Take a look at the discounts for IPS, governments and education.
  2. Cloud appliances – dedicated cloud based virtual appliances with your very own setting.  There are also custom filtering rules, along with premium support.
  3. Virtual appliances – on-premises and ideas for VA or dedicated hardware.  Benefit from free clustering, rebranding, root access as well as basic or premium support.

It’s a win win situation with reliable firms online that offer 30 day free trials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before deciding to use different ranges of anti spam products you’re bound to have a few questions in mind like:-

  1. Where can I get my username and password? Don’t worry your username and password will be the same as those used for your e-mail account in your standard e-mail software.  Any problems just contact an online management centre.
  2. What is quarantine? Quarantine is an isolated zone outside of your mailbox which retains messages identified as spam.
  3. What is filter adjustment? A filter adjustment results from a request that you decide to make when you encounter legitimate mail that’s wrongly quarantined.  It can also be a spam message that is wrongly delivered to your mailbox.
  4. A legitimate message has been mistakenly quarantines, what should I do? Just release the message to allow its delivery to your mailbox and request a filter adjustment from within the quarantine; it’s as easy as that.
  5. A spam message has not been filtered, what should I do? All you have to do is use your e-mail software to request a filter adjustment which will reinforce the filter rules.

Of course, there may be a number of other questions you have in mind whether it’s dangerous content, spam reaching your mailbox or how to stop receiving quarantine reports. Helpful online anti spam services technicians will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Spend Some Time Reading Online Reviews

There are lots of positive online reviews about anti spam solutions.  Many satisfied clients have taken the time to leave comments online. Spam messages in different languages are prevented, while unsolicited e-mail advertisements have for many, virtually disappeared. Unwanted sundry attacks have been taken care of while software programmes are much safer and easier to use, so good news all around.

There’s nothing worse than the annoying invasion of spam whether you have a business or from a personal point of view.  With this in mind why not click online to find out where providers of cloud anti spam services and products are attending large exhibitions?  This will provide the opportunity to see the services and products on offer from worldwide distributors who have a growing reputation within the anti spam industry.


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