Technology Reputation Management: T-3 Headphones

Published on July 14th, 2016 | by Alice Aires


Reputation Management: T-3 Headphones

These headphones is what threatened the audio equipment landscape with the help of reputation management. T-3 is designed to deliver unparalleled sound on the market and the only way to have something similar, you’d have to spend about $849.99. These headphones only cost $199.99; which is quite expensive for headphones but when you realize what you’re getting at that price, anyone can notice it’s a steal. The t-3’s are made from aircraft grade aluminum and reinforced carbon around the hinges so it can never break no matter how many times you open and close it. The headband is made with strong plastic that is very malleable which can never snap unless a hummer drives over it.

The headphones have 3.5mm jack input on each ear-cup where anyone can share their music by allowing others to plug into the other jack that’s not in use. The t-3’s has a very dynamic and ranged sound that most people in focus groups thought it would be priced above $600.00 when in fact it is only $199.99. They are also working on a bluetooth enabled version of this one called t-3b and the sound is probably the best sounding bluetooth headphones to exist when it launches. These headphones will change the way we listen and interact with music. The headphones themselves will have three modes to switch from, 3D sound, surround sound or stereo.

The t-3’s will have a voucher, thanks to reputation management, to download an app for free where you can optimize the use of your headphones on your smart devices. This will allow to fully control the bass and treble, along with a balanced sound. There is also a setting that adjusts the volume according to tracks because each artist do tend to record differently compared to others and this will help to alleviate. Reputation Management will focus on the attributes that contribute to the sound of the headphones because most headphones in that price range of two hundred dollars tend to have terrible sound but they have a pretty good aesthetic design. Many of the monster series are good looking headphones but mediocre sound.

Reputation Management realized they can easily capitalize on this strategy since people don’t have any ideas about the quality of a good sounding headphones since they’re all exposed to overpriced gear that are marketed well. Hopefully in time, people will start to try out these headphones and learn to appreciate a good sounding headphones. This is what leads to some peoples passion in music if they have an amazing listening experience.


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