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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Offers A New World To Explore

Samsung is doing really great when it comes to the large display smartphones; here we are specifically talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This large display phone or phablet is best and it actually offers a new world to explore with new S pen (stylus).

The new UI (TouchWiz) of the phone offers new functionality and flexibility. The keyboard is very good here originally. The key to a point at the bottom right at the long pressing offers 11 characters, which are often needed (punctuation, and so on), and on the key on the left, where you can also choose different options, you can put the desired character or the default action. Mode swipe (continuous input) is also present here, and works very well.

Phone applications have always been great (which can not be said about the native humanoid) – here and added some new features. Very conveniently presented favorite contacts. When working with contacts has an easy search, the system is able to find and merge similar contacts, available blacklist.

From the perspective of a working phone applications here are all very nice. Sound clear, clean, subscribers could hear very well.

Noise reduction system works very efficiently: even in the streets or noisy environments subscribers get voice quite clearly. The sound volume is excellent.

By the way, the presence of as many as three microphones allowed to add new Recorder Mode – “Interview” when the audio recording is made with two microphones located at opposite ends of the smartphone. But the ability to record telephone conversations here and there was not that bad. However, apparently this is due to some external constraints.

SMS / MMS – application is comfortable and very advanced. It is possible to create a list of spammers, blocking messages. But you can’t move any messages in the password secret folder – for many users this might be needed.

In the Gallery, there are Different types of selection by the filters – this is very useful. You can easily view images with the ability to edit them.

Built-in speaker of Galaxy Note 4 sounds fine – no rattles, sound pretty clean, although quite flat (as it should be for such small speakers). In the stereo headphone jack on the four-minus: the volume is not to say very good, bass deaf, tops good. You can listen to music, but not great composition, not great.

There is also a Good video application, which, in contrast to the standard android, well aware of the various codecs containers. 4K videos also work well.

Voice-activated control – Voice control S Voice. Reacts not quick – very unpretentious phrases 3-4 seconds to process, if phrases more – 9-10 seconds, and of inquiry is limited to about five words.

You can notice lots of innovation in the present Samsung Galaxy Note 4. And if Samsung manages to continue to expend the working of upcoming Galaxy Note 5, then it would be unbelievable for all Samsung fans.

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