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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 And Note 5: The Time Of Beast

The appearance of the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge was attractive, but we would have liked to see a higher proportion of metal in construction since, except edge, the rest of the phone is still plastic. Other phablets, like the iPhone 6 Plus or Huawei Ascend Mate 7, have full metal body and its appearance is more elegant. And the good news comes after the release of Galaxy S6, as we would definitely have the metal body finally in the upcoming flagship of Samsung 2015.

However, the use of plastics brings an important advantage to Galaxy Note 4 as the back cover has a very good grip, which cannot boast the metal terminals. Since the Galaxy Note 4 is a large device, the fact of having a good grip is an important aspect. And the same was present in the Galaxy Note Edge 2. Although the grip is good, it is difficult to handle the phone with one hand because it is impossible to reach all areas of the screen with a finger except to do juggling to hold the phone. This is a recurring problem in the phablets, which are intended to be use with two hands. For the Galaxy Note 4 further includes a pointer, this requirement is even greater. The screen also mainly occupies the front part of the Galaxy Note Edge; the side frames are quite narrow. Above the screen is the Samsung logo, ear speaker, and front camera, LED notifications in the upper left corner and the usual proximity sensors and light next to the speaker. And Galaxy Note Edge 2 could get a different design scheme here, as Samsung would implement the 3-sided display.

At the bottom of Galaxy Note Edge is the physical button “Home” and sides, capacitive buttons Recent Applications and Back, which are normally invisible light only on certain occasions. Although many manufacturers are opting for virtual buttons on the screen itself, Samsung is betting on physical or capacitive buttons. This may be because Samsung has incorporated a fingerprint reader on the Start button, so the space was going to also occupy. On the back we find the plastic back cover, which as usual in many phones of Galaxy can be removed to access the battery. At the top of the back cover is the main chamber, which protrudes from the surface. As mentioned above, if there would be whole metal body then you are going to miss the rear cover in the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2.  The glass protects the camera seems almost flush with the surface, so there is risk of scratching if it relies mouth down frequently, as is usual.

Below are the flash chamber and, with it, the heartbeat sensor that we saw in the Galaxy S5, S5 Galaxy Mini and Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy S6. But here comes the news for the special complex sensor in the Galaxy Note Edge 2, which would not measure the heart beat but also would be giving you many health stats, let’s see that how it will happen.

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