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Published on June 8th, 2013 | by Leo Preston


7 Things You Need To Know When Analyzing Your Backlink Profile To Stay Safe From Penguin

Online Matters!

This is not a very new idea, especially when it comes to those who have been in the online industry for years. Having a great reputation in the online environment can be beneficial for any type of industry, but working to have a great website means working with different aspects of the industry, including the more technical ones.

What’s the Penguin?

Penguin is a Google analyzing feature that checks the links related to your website to see if they are spammers or not. If you manage to pass the Penguin test, you are in the safe zone. If you are caught with some problems, you will be downsized on the Google search engines immediately. Google hates spammers; that’s what you need to avoid.

Linking with Poor Backlinks can be…

Using backlinks to generate traffic for your website can be one of the best choices that you make. The problem is when you associate your backlinks with poor websites that have been spotted as spammers. The immediate association that Google makes is that you are a spammer, as well, and there goes your score on the search engine’s hierarchy.

Be Up to Date

Another great technique is to keep your backlink profile updated. It’s important to do the update yourself, or have it done by the online content manager of your company, because search engines are not that eager to make the updates. You need to do it on your own so that, when the Penguin checks come, you can be certain that backlinks that no longer exist cannot mess with your website’s reputation.

Spot the Lies

If you are checking your backlink profile, you need to start looking for backlinks that have might infiltrated your territory with the help of viruses or other problems that are going around the internet. There are serious repercussions if the name of your website is associated with one that is seen as problematic. If you manage to spot the poor backlinks from the beginning, you can be certain that you are safe.

Anchor Text

In the newly improved Penguin 2.0, anchor texts will be targeted more accurately than before. This means that the structure of the content will be carefully examined, and any UNNATURAL keywords that might have been placed there for the sake of SEO strategies will appear on the screen. This means that the search engines will spot the keywords that have no place in that content and remove the website from a proper position in the results.

Be on the Lookout for your Competition’s Backlinks!

Spying on your competition might be considered unethical, but having a perspective of how things are going over there can actually help you decide how to draw your own path. It’s important for a company to know how the competitors are thinking. This is part of the battle plan.

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