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Short Time Video can be Shared now in Twitter

Technology can do anything you want. Day by day, it is getting proved more and more. Recently Twitter has launched a new technology for iPhone the name of which is Vine which will make it possible for the users to get a clip of 6 seconds in length and then share it. You will see the video on a loop when someone twits.

TwitterWell, the apple users can get this app absolutely free from the Apple’s app store. Twitter made an acquisition in the month of October last year. This new technology is nothing but the result of that. The users of this new application are encouraged for logging into using the Twitter, though there is no such requirement.

The restriction in Twitter for doing a tweet is 140 characters. Dom Hofmann, one of the co founders of Vine, explains the aim behind creating this new technology. He compared the benefits of this app with the restriction of characters which Twitter has. According to him, “If you post in Vine, it will be the abbreviation of a larger text which you were going to post.”

He also explained why this technology is very much special. According to him, “These are the small windows for the people. They can set news objects and ideas which will rise their life up and then they can easily share them with others. You can do it very quickly. This is the specialty of these 6 Second videos.”

The release of this app was clear when Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter posted one of the Vine Videos in which someone was preparing steak tartare. It also includes a link of Vine App account on the Twitter page.

It has been seen that the Vine video clips can be played automatically, when those are embedded in the tweet. Their sound gets turned off automatically. The clips can also be played within the official mobile application of Twitter. Users can also add the locations with the clips. These clips can be shared in three accounts Facebook, Twitter and Vine itself.

There is undoubtedly one question which is coming in mind of lots of people. They are not sure whether this new technology is launched only as one of the standalone apps. It could have easily been released as a feature which would have been included in the official Twitter application.

Well, it may be the similar way how the Facebook camera app works. This also works as a separate app. If you use a separate app, it can be iterated with ease to figure out what kind of features are working the best. You can then integrate them into the actual app in future also.

As there is no Android version with this new technology, it can draw some criticism. However, there is no doubt about the fact that this technology is going to be a popular one among the Twitter users. This six second video post in the twitter is surely something new and this will surely help the users to enjoy Twitter more.

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