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SMS, When Sent in Bulk, Enhance Your Business Influence Online

In order to understand the advantages of sending SMS messages to your customers and business peers, it helps to define SMS. SMS is the acronym for short message service, or what we think of as texting or text messaging. Standardised protocols are used so that mobile phones can transmit these types of messages. Because text messaging is an extremely affordable way to communicate, it is one of the most popular communication strategies.

A Quicker Way to Communicate

When customers of companies such as Textplode are asked about the advantages of employing SMS in quantity, they can quickly list the benefits. Research also shows that virtually all text messages are opened and read quickly, or within five seconds of receipt.

When you compare that rate with e-mail correspondence, SMS is the better way to stay in touch. Studies have determined that the open rates for e-mail are minimal when compared to SMS. Compare 98% for SMS with 20% for e-mail and you can clearly see why SMS is a better communications choice.

A Preferred Marketing Tool

So, based on customer experience and research data, the open rates from SMS make this type of communications a preferred marketing tool. Because of the rapidity associated with openings, SMS is also a better choice for launching a promotion. With that type of speed and flexibility, businesses can deliver messages to target audiences in minutes. Whether you want to quicken the pace on a slow retail day or get rid of an old inventory, you can take advantage of bulk SMS for business.

According to bulk SMS providers such as Textplode, businesses can immediately initiate customer incentives or respond to a competitor’s sales promotions without any undue delay. Because of the low cost associated with sending SMS in bulk, a business enjoys a higher return on its communications and marketing investment.

A More Affordable Promotional Method

In many instances, promotional tools such as TV or radio commercials, newspaper advertisements, or outdoor advertising stymie marketing for small and medium businesses. However, when smaller firms use bulk SMS, they can execute marketing campaigns for a small fraction of what they would pay for more traditional methods. After all, few other promotional and advertising techniques enable you to reach as many as 1,000 customers for as little as 4p per message.

Needless to say, with the cost-efficiency of this type of marketing tool, sending SMS-type messages in bulk is essential for any business that is an SME. Also, because this type of communication is permission-based, each message recipient is already associated with the sender company or has already agreed to receive messages.

Data shows that it is much easier to sell and market products to existing customers. So, your ability to increase your revenue is much simpler using SMS. Plus, SMS messaging can be personalised to each receiver and delivered in mere seconds. You can personalise the messages based on the demographics and past purchasing behaviour of the recipients. By using this approach, you can motivate customers to respond to your marketing messages and do so with added interest.

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