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Speed Up Your Mobile App Development With These Tips

Anyone can develop a mobile app these days. Whether you’re a business wanting to reach more mobile customers, an influencer in need of a mobile platform or even an app development company trying to create the next big thing, the available frameworks and tools make developing a mobile app very easy to do. There are ways to speed up the whole development process too.

Start with a Clear Concept

It is easy to get carried away and start adding more features during the development process. This, in turn, will increase the time needed to complete the app. The more you get carried away, the longer it will take to develop the app you need.

The best way to start an app development project is by having a clear concept in mind. Write down the kind of app you want to develop, the features it will offer and other details about the development project. Don’t forget to set a deadline too; this will help you create a clear timeframe for the app.

A clear concept will help limit the development project and keep the entire process on course. You no longer have to worry about missing important features or skipping tasks along the way. You can eliminate unnecessary waste of time and speed up the development process by a long way.

Use a Programming Language You Know

Instead of trying to master Google’s Android Studio 2.0 and learning the programming language needed from start, it is much better to stick to what you already know. You can develop an Android app using virtually any programming language you know, from C# to HTML5 and Angular 2 development.

There are APIs to use and frameworks to develop on. Frameworks are particularly good for speeding up the development process. They are a set of premade functions that you can call and use to develop your own apps. Using a suitable framework means you don’t have to develop everything from scratch. It will also make updating the app easier to do in the future.

Before you start coding, however, make sure you also choose a suitable compiler for the project. If you want to use HTML5, for instance, you have many frameworks and compilers that will help convert the finished HTML5 app into a native Android or iOS app.


One last tip you can use to speed up the development process of your app is outsourcing. You can outsource non-essential development tasks to third-party developers. Finding developers that suit your specific needs and budget is very easy to do thanks to freelance sites and online developers’ forums. You can then assign certain parts of the apps to outside developers while you focus on the core functionalities of the app.

It is also possible to outsource the entire app development project. Depending on your needs and preferences, this might be the best solution to have a mobile app ready for use in as little time as possible. Besides, having a team of expert developers also means getting rid of potential issues with the app from the start.

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