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Surprise Your Guy With These Awesome New Gadgets

If your man has a birthday coming up or you’d like to congratulate them on landing that promotion, buying him an awesome new gift may be in order. You could go with the traditional staples like cuff links or a case of cigars, but buying a tech-lover new gadgets can be a lot more fun for both of you. If you are not up to date with the newest gadgets and want to surprise them with something nice, here are some ideas that will get you a genuine reaction.

The Most Immersive Music Gadget Yet

Surprise Your Guy With These Awesome New Gadgets

If your guy is a lover of music, why not invest in the Amazon Echo. This is more than just a cylinder-shaped speaker, it’s a gadget that wirelessly connects to the Cloud and allows the user to access Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, and more. You can even ask the gadget for updates on news, weather, and more. Since there is a 360 degree speaker, you’ll get a truly immersive experience in whatever room you’re in.

A Entry-Level Drone

Surprise Your Guy With These Awesome New Gadgets

Has your gadget-loving man always dreamed of owning a drone? Well now he can with the newest entry-level quadcopters that are being released and equipped with a hub for your own camera. Thesedrones can fly long distances and only need to charge in a USB port for about an hour. If you want to give him a gift that will help see if he’s ready for a high-grade drone, this is the perfect option. Since drones are very popular, it is possible to shop at popular big-box retailers like Target and find the best deals. Look online for Target online offer codes from discountrue to save some money on your purchase as well.

The Watch Where Fashion and Function Meet

Surprise Your Guy With These Awesome New Gadgets

While timepieces are a great classic gift, if the man you love is a bit more tech-savvy, then the Apple Watch would be a smart upgrade. This watch is fashion-forward and gives the user the power to text, call, and access apps right on his wrist. The 38mm silver face is high-level fashion that is functional and looks cool all at the same time.

It seems like new gadgets are being engineered every day. These are just a few ideas to give an entertaining gift that will certainly get some use. Compare all of the gadgets and consider what your guy loves the most. It’s a chance to pick an awesome new gadget he will appreciate and adore you all the more for.

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