Technology Taking A Closer Look At The Benefits Of Application Whitelisting Programs

Published on September 27th, 2017 | by Ryan


Taking A Closer Look At The Benefits Of Application Whitelisting Programs

The global computing community is chock-full of dangerous and malevolent viruses ranging from malicious Trojan horse invaders and program emulators to logic bombs, keystroke trackers, phishing schemes, worms, and countless others.

As such, it’s important to point out that conducting business and facilitating commerce is no longer just about staying competitive and economical; it’s also about protecting your most salient data systems from hostile actors.

So if you’ve neglected your network’s security provisions for some time, it’s in your best interests to take a long and hard look at today’s most robust whitelist application solutions, especially if you rely heavily on Internet-based programs, streamlined information transfers, and other integral computer software on a day-to-day basis.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the advantages associated with implementing a modernised whitelisting solution as a comprehensive security measure for your business.

Taking A Closer Look At The Benefits Of Application Whitelisting Programs

Workflow-Based Protection

In its simplest sense, a whitelisting solution allows you to create and manage secure whitelists of approved programs across your entire in-house network.

In stark contrast to the antiquated blacklisting software, which essentially operates as a signature-based antivirus or file blocker, whitelisting solutions proactively restrict the operation of any codes that are not documented in your customised whitelist.

This allows you to define the specific parameters of what’s okay and not okay within your own unique network, which in turn insulates your core processes from hackers and other aggressive criminals.

Intuitive Functionality

The process of deploying, operating, and maintaining a contemporary whitelisting solution is not only simple and easy to understand but also repeatable and very dynamic as well.

From apps and software to emails, domains, and virtual programs, there isn’t a single code or program in existence that can override your whitelisting solution on a remote basis; if it’s not on your approved list, it will not be allowed to operate.

Real-Time Protection and Detection

Application whitelisting software also provides a centralised management system that regulates your network environment on a 24/7/365 basis:

  • Discover files as soon as they enter your network
  • Easily identify where certain files came from and how they were executed
  • Track all network communication generated by your system files
  • Isolate any domains or IP addresses that introduced files into your network
  • Other Crucial Boons

In addition to the benefits listed above, whitelisting solutions are also renowned for the following traits and aspects as well:

  • Lightweight : Traditional security programs often rely on massive endpoint agents, which tend to be upwards of 200 megabytes in size. Whitelisting solutions, on the other hand, utilise a much leaner, less arduous five-megabyte agent, which naturally reduces the strain on your resources.
  • Ransomware Protection : Due to the fact that targeted cyber intrusions and malware installationsoften take less than 58 seconds to complete, whitelisting solutions have been augmented to account for this dynamic environment and restrict cyber-attack test runs. This prevents the detriments associated with ransomware attacks, in particular.
  • Compliance : Application whitelisting is widely recognised by government agencies across the globe as the foremost computer protection in today’s day and age and it also allows businesses to adhere to PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance as well.

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